Can I volunteer at an elephant sanctuary?

Unfortunately, volunteer programs that let you get this close to an elephant are putting the experiences of volunteers above the care and wellbeing of the elephants. A rash of elephant ‘sanctuaries’ in Thailand offer tourists the opportunity to work with these big beasts.

What can I do to help elephant conservation?

To get there, we employ five major strategies:

  1. Prevent illegal killing.
  2. Protect elephant habitat.
  3. Monitor elephant numbers, poaching rates, and threats to elephant habitat at key sites in Africa and Asia.
  4. Reduce ivory trafficking.
  5. Reduce the demand for ivory.

What is Project Elephant popularly called?

Objectives. Project Elephant (PE) was launched by the Government of India in the year 1992 as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme with following objectives: To protect elephants, their habitat and corridors. To address issues of man-animal conflict.

Where is the elephant sanctuary in Africa?


What is the elephant Conservation Act?

African Elephant Conservation Act – Declares it to be the policy of the United States to assist in the conservation and protection of the African elephant by supporting and providing financial resources for the conservation programs of the African countries and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered …

What do you call the study of elephants?

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Are elephant projects successful?

One successful project that you should know about is Project Elephant. In 1992, Project Elephant was launched to ensure the long-term survival of the endangered population of elephants. Initially, the project was implemented in 13 states. Moreover, the project also tries to identify the human-animal conflict.

What can you do for an elephant conservation project?

As a volunteer on an elephant conservation project, you’ll get to know about the behaviour, biology and threats facing the world’s largest land mammal. Working with field researchers and conservation managers, you’ll also make a real difference to African elephant conservation.

Where to volunteer with elephants in the world?

You can volunteer with elephants on one of our fantastic conservation projects in the ’emerald isle’ of Sri Lanka, the stark deserts of Namibia, and the wilds of the Bornean rainforest to help preserve these enchanting giants.

How does the International Elephant Foundation help elephants?

Handlers and dogs of @CLZAfrica ‘s K9 Unit must work together build trust and communication in order to keep each other safe and help catch wildlife criminals. IEF is proud to support this great work.

Is it possible to work with elephants in Africa?

To work with elephants in Africa is often considered a pipe dream, but this project makes that dream a reality. The interaction between elephants and humans can be a fascinating and absorbing experience.