Which of the British bands became famous during the 1960s?

British psychedelia It emerged during the mid-1960s among progressive folk bands in Britain and the United States and rapidly moved into rock and pop music being taken up by acts including the Beatles, The Yardbirds, Cream and Pink Floyd.

Why are so many good bands British?

Being British helped sell records, and for at least a short period of time, American rock and roll record companies either sought out British bands and ignored American groups, or attempted to create American bands that sounded just like British groups. Hope that can kind of explain things.

What was the number one song in 1960?

Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 1960

No. Title Artist(s)
1 “Theme from A Summer Place” Percy Faith
2 “He’ll Have to Go” Jim Reeves
3 “Cathy’s Clown” The Everly Brothers
4 “Running Bear” Johnny Preston

What was the #1 song in September 1959?

List of Cash Box Top 100 number-one singles of 1959

Issue date Song Artist
September 12 The Three Bells The Browns
September 19
September 26 Mack the Knife Bobby Darin
October 3

What was the number one hit in the UK in the 1960s?

Number-one singles No. Artist Single Record label Weeks at number one 99 Lonnie Donegan ” My Old Man’s a Dustman ” Pye 4 100 Anthony Newley ” Do You Mind? ” Decca 1 101 The Everly Brothers ” Cathy’s Clown ” Warner Bros. 7 102 Eddie Cochran ” Three Steps to Heaven ” London 2

What was the UK Singles Chart in the 1960s?

During the 1960s, sales of singles in the UK were monitored by several magazines, including New Musical Express (NME), Record Retailer, Melody Maker and Disc. Before 1969, no officially recognised singles chart was published in the UK.

Who was the British pop star of the 60s?

Julie Grant had every chance to become a major British pop star in the ’60s, appearing regularly on television and performing live as supporting act on tour with many big stars. With an outstanding voice, it is incredible that all Julie achieved with her records was three minor UK hits out of fifteen singles. 11: 11. Various Artists

Who was the most popular British girl of the 60s?

Sandie Shaw was one of the most successful British female singers of the ’60s, enjoying three UK number one singles and a win at the Eurovision song contest. With her hair, slender frame, model cheekbones and outfits and singing barefoot on stage, he has been described as the ultimate working-class ‘it’ girl. 5.