How do I tune my suspension?

  1. Step 1: Set Your Sag. Arguably the most important step, if the sag isn’t set correctly then your sitski will not perform to its potential.
  2. Step 2: Tune the High Speed Compression. High Speed Compression or HSC is the shock setting that soaks up big impacts.
  3. Step 3: Tune the Low Speed Compression.
  4. Step 4: Tune the Rebound.

Does Trek FX have suspension?

Trek are well known for making great quality bikes that are good value for money and their FX range of hybrid bikes is both extensive and very exciting….

Component Trek Dual Sport Trek FX
Forks Front suspension Rigid forks
Brakes Mechanical or hydraulic disc Linear-pull, mechanical or hydraulic disc

What is suspension tuning?

Suspension tuning can involve the modification of springs, struts and shock absorbers to affect how a vehicle accelerates, brakes and corners. Shorter springs provide a lower center of gravity, whereas stiffer shock absorbers improve the way weight is shifted during cornering.

How do you adjust an oversteer suspension?

Ways to Correct Oversteer

  1. Lower front tire pressure.
  2. Raise rear tire pressure.
  3. Stiffen front shocks.
  4. Soften rear shocks.
  5. Raise front end.
  6. Lower rear end.
  7. Install narrower front tires.
  8. Install wider rear tires.

How much air should I put in my front shock?

Measure the amount of travel is you don’t know how much travel you have. Ideally for an XC set-up, you want to start with 25% sag. Push the rubber O-Rings down the base of the shock and fork. Have your friend hold up your bike facing you and holding the handlebars with the front tire between their knees.

When should you lock your suspension?

With a lockout fork a full suspension system can be utilized when riding downhill and on rough terrain. With the flip of a single switch the suspension can be made more rigid for riding uphill or on pavement.

Do you need suspension set up on Trek mountain bike?

Trek mountain bikes are incredibly sophisticated and require a small amount of set up for the individual rider. Going through this process is necessary to make sure your new bike performs as it was designed. Follow these simple steps to optimize your suspension performance.

What kind of suspension does Trek Remedy use?

Trek has always looked to gain a performance advantage with proprietary suspension components, the most recent development being its RE:aktiv valve. On the outside the RockShox RT3 shock on the 150mm travel Remedy looks like any other, but Trek’s custom internals give the suspension a unique response.

What’s the change in the Trek Remedy 8?

Blink, and you could miss the latest round of revisions to the Trek Remedy 8. The biggest change to the frame is move away from Full Floater shock mount.

How do you adjust the shock on a Trek bike?

Set the compression damping to “open” by turning the blue knob on your fork all the way counter-clockwise, and the blue lever on your shock counter-clockwise. Use the Trek Suspension Calculator above to find a good starting PSI for your MTB and your weight, and use the shock pump to adjust the shock’s PSI…