Is Maton a good guitar brand?

Maton Guitars is where some of the finest quality guitars in the world come to life, each with a unique character and tone. Bill May pioneered the use of many Australian wood species in guitar construction and is regarded by many Australian luthiers as the founding father of their industry.

Is Maton Australian?

Maton History Maton is still a 100% family owned Australian company, now operated by Linda & Neville Kitchen (Bill May’s daughter and son in law).

Where are Maton guitars made?

Maton is an Australian musical instruments manufacturing company based in Box Hill, Melbourne.

How much should my guitar cost?

Those who are still fairly new to the guitar should expect to pay between just over $100 and $500 for their instrument, depending on the brand name, the quality of materials and workmanship, and the included accessories. Even at the lower end of that range, guitars should include quality woods like spruce and rosewood.

Which guitars are made in Australia?

The 10 Coolest Australian-Built Guitars on Reverb Right Now

  • Maton Phil Manning Custom Stereo.
  • Ormsby Custom Shop Goliath 7-String.
  • Gerard Gilet Map Resonator.
  • Shub DC-01.
  • Harvester Antonio Hybrid Aluminum Neck.
  • Cole Clark Angel 2.
  • Jack Spira JS Ditson.
  • Octigan 17-inch Archtop.

What guitar does Tommy Emmanuel?

In his solo shows, he mainly plays guitars made by Maton, an Australian guitar manufacturer. He usually travels with two custom Maton EBG808 TE models and one TE1 model, both of which are Tommy Emmanuel artist signature models.

What is considered a high end guitar?

Simply put: High End guitars are crafted in the company’s country of origin (usually a rich country such as the USA or Japan) using the finest materials and hardware. There is a lot of work put into them by the well paid luthiers, and they are made in smaller numbers than cheaper guitars.

How much is a good quality guitar?

Entry Level Acoustic Guitars: $200 – $500 (For beginners) Enthusiast Level Acoustic Guitars: $600 – $1500 (For hobbyists and professionals) Professional Level Acoustic Guitars: More than $1500 (For professionals, performers, and artists)

Where can I buy a Maton acoustic guitar?

Maton Custom Shop Andy Allen Natural Acoustic Guitar AU Map Inlay Maton Guitars SRS70C12 Hard Case Included Authorized Dealer Free Shipping!

How many people work at Maton guitar company?

Currently Maton employs 70 people and remains 100 per cent family owned and operated. From the initial selection and grading of rough sawn timber to the careful levelling and polishing of the frets, every step of the guitar making process is overseen by our luthiers in Melbourne Australia.

Where did bill may make the Maton guitar?

Bill May, a Jazz musician and woodworker from Melbourne took it upon himself to correct this dearth of fine guitars in his home country, and in 1946 he launched “Maton Stringed Instruments and Repairs.” After 80 years, 2 workshop relocations, and well over 300 different models, Maton is still family owned and based around Melbourne.

Who are some famous people who play Maton guitars?

Famous artists who have proudly used and recommended Maton guitars include Keith Urban, Neil Finn, Josh Pike, Joe Robinson, Adam Harvey, Adam Brand, and Vance Joy. CONTACT US TODAY FOR ANY FURTHER INFORMATION ON BUYING MATON GUITARS ONLINE.