Who makes the engine 409?

A 409 cu in (6.7 L) version was Chevrolet’s top regular production engine from 1961 to 1965, with a choice of single or 2X4-barrel Rochester carburetors. Bore x stroke were both up from the 348 cu in (5.7 L) to 4.31 in × 31⁄2 in (109.5 mm × 88.9 mm).

Was there a 409 engine?

Chevrolet’s 348/409 engines were good performers and they were dependable engines. W engine with 13.5:1 compression rated at 435hp. While a standard 409 used a 4.3125 x 3.50 bore and stroke, the 427 was stretched to 4.313 x 3.65. The camshaft had .

What year did they stop making the 409?

The 409 remained on the Chevy options sheet through 1965, after which it was replaced by the next-generation 396 Big Block. As it stands, you’ll regularly still find the early ’60s Impala SS with an original 409 in it.

How do I know if I have a 409 engine?

One of the quickest ways to spot a 348 or 409 block is by its front. W engines have the two water pump inlets to the block spread out across the front. The holes are located very close to the outside of the block and their inlets (with one side flattened) are closer in shape to a diamond than a circle or oval.

Did Ford make a 409?

This connecting rod is an MPG exclusive because it’s actually a 5.470-inch Honda race rod ready for installation in your small-block Ford. This gives MPG a good rod ratio and longer dwell time at each end of the bore….Camresearch.

MPG at the EMC
Displacement: 409 ci
Average Torque at 2,500-6,500 rpm: 531 lb-ft

Is a 409 a big-block or small block?

Although finding parts for an engine that ended production in 1965 might seem like a chore, in reality the 348/409 is a transitional engine that shares design characteristics with small-block and newer big-block engines, many of whose parts bolt into the 348/409 with few or no mods.

What was the last year for the 409 engine?

The last year for the 409 was 1965 as GM was planning to unveil the Chevy 427 in 1966. Today these engines still bring a lot of respect because of the massive amount of torque and horsepower that people can get out of them by beefing them up with performance engine parts and other techniques.

What is the firing order of a Chevy 409?

The firing order on both the 348 and 409 is the same: 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2. Aftermarket Ignition With the advent of distributors without points, there are kits to convert the older GM Delco distributors from 1957 to 1974 to an electronic module version.

What is the bore and stroke of a Chevy 409?

Bore and stroke was 4 1⁄8 in × 3 1⁄4 in (104.8 mm × 82.6 mm) , resulting in a substantially oversquare design. This engine was superseded by the 409 cu in (6.7 L) as Chevrolet’s top performing engine in 1961 and went out of production for cars at the end of that year. Nov 1 2019

What year did the Chevy 409 engine come out?

Chevrolet 409 V8 Engine. The Chevy 409 V8 was introduced in December of 1960 as the engine of choice for the all new 1961 Impala Super Sport. It was put into production by GM because of the performance ground that had been lost due to the new highly successful Ford 390 that had been gaining respect at the local race tracks the same year.