Who is the actor in the movie Tom Horn?

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (April 2018) Tom Horn is a 1980 Western film directed by William Wiard and starring Steve McQueen as the legendary lawman, outlaw, and gunfighter Tom Horn.

What kind of rifle is the Tom Horn?

Cimarron’s 1876 Centennial ”Tom Horn” Rifle is inspired by the great film Tom Horn, which starred Steve McQueen. The Tom Horn is offered in .45-60 with a blued frame featuring the infamous “stock detective’s” signature engraved on the side plate.

Where was the movie Tom Horn with Steve McQueen filmed?

Barbara McQueen and I even visited Patagonia, Arizona, in 2012 where much of it was filmed. It remained unchanged, even down to the windmills. I’m not sure you’ll find a much more authentic looking Western than Tom Horn.

Who was Tom Horn in the movie Geronimo?

Tom Horn, a legendary frontier scout and tracker who helped capture Geronimo, drifts around the quickly disappearing western frontier. The story begins as he rides into a small town and provokes prizefighter Jim Corbett, ending up in a livery stable, unconscious and badly bruised.

What happens at the end of Tom Horn?

Tom steals the key, beats a deputy, and steals his gun. He runs from town on foot, but is quickly beaten and captured. Later, Tom is sentenced to death by hanging for Jimmy’s murder. As Tom waits for his execution, he remembers happier times, riding with Glendolene on the plains.

What was the name of Tom Horn’s horse?

In 1900 Wyoming, cowboy Tom Horn (Steve McQueen) boards his horse at a stable and visits the local saloon for a whiskey. There, he insults the locals, toasting a picture of Indian Chief Geronimo instead of an up-and-coming boxer named “Gentleman” Jim Corbett (Steve Oliver). When Corbett beats him, Tom takes refuge in the barn with his horse.