How many pages is The Joy Luck Club book?

The Joy Luck Club/Page count

How long is the Joy Luck Club book?

The Joy Luck Club (novel)

First edition
Author Amy Tan
Publication date 1989
Pages 288
ISBN 0-399-13420-4

Why is The Joy Luck Club a good book?

Intensely poetic, startlingly imaginative and moving, this remarkable book will speak to many women, mothers and grown daughters, about the persistent tensions and powerful bonds between generations and cultures. The narrative voice moves among seven characters.

What type of book is Joy Luck Club?

Domestic Fiction
The Joy Luck Club/Genres

Is Joy Luck Club a good book?

5.0 out of 5 stars Really a classic, great book! This book is almost like a collection of short stories, but they weave together and tell about the lives of four women, Chinese immigrants who came to San Francisco around about 1949/1950-ish, met through Church meetings, English classes, work.

Why did the aunties give Jing Mei $1200 in an envelope?

Why did “the aunties” give Jing-mei $1200 in an envelope? The aunties gave Jing-Mei $1200 so she could go to meet her sisters in China and inform them of their mother’s death. Jing-mei promises “the aunties” that she will tell her half-sisters in China everything about their mother.

Why is the story entitled Joy Luck Club?

The book’s name comes from the club formed in China by one of the mothers, Suyuan Woo, in order to lift her friends’ spirits and distract them from their problems during the Japanese invasion. Amy Tan wrote the Joy Luck Club to try to understand her own relationship with her mother.

Is Joy Luck Club real?

The Joy Luck Club was written by Amy Tan, an American author born to Chinese immigrant parents, and is both parts history and fiction. So while the characters used to examine these aspects of Chinese culture are fictional, the culture and the history are most certainly real.

Does Netflix have Joy Luck Club?

Watch The Joy Luck Club on Netflix Today!

Why did Jing-Mei’s mother have to leave kweilin?

The half-sisters remained behind in China because Jing-mei’s mother, Suyuan, was forced to leave them on the roadside during her desperate flight from Japan’s invasion of Kweilin during World War II. Jing-mei was born to a different father years later, in America.

What is the message of Joy Luck Club?

The Joy Luck Club shows that all actions of love require some level of sacrifice, and that women in particular sacrifice themselves for the good of others. The greatest sacrifice in the book is Suyuan’s decision to leave her twin babies in a safe spot to be rescued during the Japanese invasion of Kweilin.