How do you calculate projection throw?

For any given projector, the width of the image (W) relative to the throw distance (D) is know as the throw ratio D/W or distance over width. So for example, the most common projector throw ratio is 2.0. This means that for each foot of image width, the projector needs to be 2 feet away or D/W = 2/1 = 2.0.

Is short throw projector better?

Short throw can create far greater images at much shorter distances, making them ideally suited to those who only have a small area in which to house their projector, so schools and bedrooms are ideal for these type of projectors. These projectors can, for example, create an image of 100 feet from just 15 feet away.

How far away does a projector need to be for a 100 inch screen?

8 ft.
For example, the specification “100-inch @ 8ft” means that the minimum distance you will need is 8 ft. from the projector to the wall to get a 100″ screen.

Can you use a projector in a small room?

Short throw projectors need to be between 5 and 10 feet away from the screen, depending on how large of an image you want. A short throw projector would be perfect for someone renting an apartment, because it doesn’t have to be mounted. Just make sure you leave enough space between the projector and the screen.

How low should I hang my projector?

You should place the projector with the center of the lens 8“ above the top edge of the screen. It has an offset of about 21 percent. That is, it should be higher than the screen by .

How do you calculate projector throw?

Calculating the Throw Ratio and Positioning for a Projector. As mentioned, the throw ratio is calculated by the distance from the projector to screen compared to the width of the screen. To find the throw ratio simply divide the projector’s distance from the screen by the size of the screen.

What is projector throw?

In film terminology, throw is the distance between a movie projector lens and its screen. It is the distance the image is thrown onto the screen, and it has a large effect on screen size.

How far projector from screen?

In such a case, the maximum distance for placing your projector from the screen will be 17.6 feet (8 x 2.2), and the minimum distance will be 14.4 feet (8 x 1.8).

How do you calculate throw distance?

Multiply the width of the image by the throw ratio to find the throw distance, expressed in the same units. If a range of throw ratios is specified, perform the multiplication separately on both numbers to find the range of possible distances at which the projector can produce an image of the correct size.