Who owns Louisiana Healthcare Connections?

Centene Corporation
Louisiana Healthcare Solutions | Centene Corporation.

What is Louisiana Healthcare Connections group number?

Do you need more information or have a question? Please fill out the below form or contact us at 1-866-595-8133 (Hearing Loss: 711), Monday through Friday, 7a. m. to 7p.

Does Louisiana Healthcare Connections cover vision?

One of the benefits Louisiana Healthcare Connections members see is great vision coverage. Because we believe healthy is a way of life, our members enjoy benefits designed for their total well-being. That includes reliable vision coverage for children and adults at no cost.

Does Louisiana Healthcare Connections cover circumcision?

Healthy Louisiana MCOs – Circumcision Policy Circumcisions are a voluntary covered services by the MCOs as an expanded benefit. Routine circumcisions are not covered by Legacy Medicaid. For the most current information or questions contact the MCO directly. Contact information is listed below in the table.

What is Health Care Connections?

Care Connections is a FREE program for members who face a serious illness, such as cancer, liver disease, AIDS, or COPD. We work with you, your family and your current doctors to help you manage your pain and symptoms. Best of all, Care Connections is part of your health plan – there’s no extra cost.

Is there an Ambetter in Louisiana?

Ambetter | Health Insurance Marketplace Plan. Are you looking to enroll in a new health insurance plan or for more information on health insurance in Louisiana? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Carriers available in Louisiana.

What is health care Connections?

Is Louisiana Medicaid accepted in other states?

Can I use my Medicaid coverage in any state? A: No. Because each state has its own Medicaid eligibility requirements, you can’t just transfer coverage from one state to another, nor can you use your coverage when you’re temporarily visiting another state, unless you need emergency health care.

Does Louisiana Healthcare Connections cover urgent care?

Urgent care is a covered benefit at no cost to our members.

Does Medicaid cover root canals in Louisiana?

We offer dental benefits to cover most children’s dental needs. Therapeutic benefits to treat cavities, gum or tooth pain, or other dental problems including: fillings, extractions, root canals, dental emergencies, and more. …

Does Ambetter cover me out of state?

However, for 2020, Ambetter is the only company we aware of that offers out-of-state routine care as both HMOs and PPOs have moved to local, more constricted networks to keep costs down.