Which TYRE is best for Duke 200?

Here Are The Best Tyres For KTM 200 Duke

Tyre Brand and Model Tyre Type Tyre Price
MRF REVZ C1 Tubeless Rs 4100/- (approx.)
Ralco Speed Blaster Tubeless Rs 4350/- (approx.)
CEAT Rad X1 Tubeless Rs 4599/- (approx.)
Metzeler Sportec Street Tubeless Rs 5700/- (approx.)

Which TYRE is best for KTM?

RC 200 Tyres Price

Tyres Name Price Range Tyre Type
Alpha H1 ₹ 5,225 – ₹ 7,300 Tubeless
PILOT STREET ₹ 4,679 – ₹ 6,363 Tubeless
Rad X1 ₹ 3,200 – ₹ 3,905 Tubeless
REVZ FC1 ₹ 3,310 Tubeless

What is the TYRE size of Duke 200?

110/70 R17
KTM 200 Duke wears tyres of 110/70 R17 54H size.

What does MST mean on a TYRE?

Motocross Enduro Adventure. MST – mark on motorcycle tyres are special designed for service having a wider trad then equivalent sizes with the same tyre size designation.

Is it worth buying Duke 200?

Ride quality & handling the ride quality is much better compared to pulsar 200 ns. Though the lower gear vibrations is sokmething that they can imporve. The bike handles quite well and the turning is fine. Final words overall the ktm duke 200 is a very nice bike and a must buy.

Which TYRE is best for Duke 250?

KTM Duke 250 Tyres

  • MRF Zapper C. Tyre Size: 110/80 R17.
  • MRF Zapper FY. Tyre Size: 110/70 R17.
  • CEAT ZOOM XL. Tyre Size: 110/80 R17 57P.
  • CEAT Zoom XL F. Tyre Size: 110/70 R17 54H.
  • MRF Zapper FX1. Tyre Size: 110/80 R17.
  • CEAT ZOOM XL. Tyre Size: 110/70 R17.
  • TVS ATT 825.
  • Metro Conti Go.

What is the horse power of Duke 200?

25.83 PS @ 10,000 rpm
KTM 200 Duke Specifications

Displacement 199.5 cc
Engine Type Single Cylinder, 4 Valve, Liquid Cooled, FI, DOHC
No. of Cylinders 1
Max Power 25.83 PS @ 10,000 rpm

Is Duke 200 good for beginners?

That means it’s a little more docile than other entry level bikes like the Honda CB300R and the Yamaha MT-03. Despite its lack of power, Adam demonstrates that this bike is more than capable of giving you a fun time, while being able to handle long stretches of freeway competently.

Is Duke 200 suitable for long rides?

The character of Duke 200 is low end power but struggles at the top end so it makes cruising on highway bit difficult.. And also the tank capacity is around 10 liters which is very small you need to keep a eye on petrol bunks for every 200 + kilometers.

What is the price of Duke 390 BS6?

KTM 390 Duke BS6 Price

Ex-Showroom Price Rs.2,87,545
RTO Rs.23,003
Insurance Rs.18,218
On-Road Price in delhi Rs.3,28,766*

Which TYRE is best for KTM Duke 390?

The most affordable tyre available for the Duke 390 is the MRF, which is priced at Rs….KTM Duke 390 Tyre Price.

MoGrip Meteor M Rs. 1,680 Tubeless
CITY PRO Rs. 2,190 Tubeless
SIRAC STREET Rs. Price Coming Soon Tubeless
Zapper C Rs. 1,625 Tubeless

What is the price of KTM Duke 200 tyres?

The price of tyres avilable for your Duke 200 ranges from ₹ 2,199.00 to ₹ 21,956.00. We will deliver your Duke 200 tyres to your doorstep or make it avilable at a tyre dealer near you. Processing… 2 Years unconditional warranty + 3 Years Standard Warranty.

How much does a Pirelli bike tyre cost?

Pirelli has 21 patterns available for Two-Wheeler Tyres. The price of tyres available ranges from ₹ 1,674/- to ₹ 29,375/-. You can click on the tyre pattern to know more about the tyre, Vehicle Compatibility, Sizes available, Features etc.

Which is the best tyre to buy for KTM?

Other popular choices, as can be found in our KTM Tyre section, are Metro Conti Go, CEAT, and budget offerings from Pirelli ( Angel City) and Metzeler ( Sportec Street ). On the other hand, Michelin also offers its highly successful line, Pilot Street in these sizes, and there are the equally popular Metzelers, too.