Can I get a cameo ring made?

Cameo jewelry can be either be a cheap fashion accessory, a valuable antique or a highly prized work of art hand carved in gemstone or shell cameo by a highly skilled artist. Custom made to order cameos can be carved with portraits of people or pets from your photographs.

Are cameo rings valuable?

These are technically “real” cameos because they are made from a shell, and they are worth more than the plastic cameos, but they are still considered costume jewelry and thus are not very valuable.

Do they still make cameo jewelry?

During the 20th century, as costume jewelry became mainstream, inexpensive replicas of antique cameo jewelry made out of shell and plastic emerged. Today, a vast array of cameo types are available on the market, with contemporary designers borrowing from antique designs of the past.

Who is the most expensive on cameo?

As of this writing, boxer Floyd Mayweather is the most expensive celebrity on Cameo. He charges a whopping $15,000 for a Cameo video.

How much do Cameo celebrities get paid?

Cameo is an online service that lets people hire celebrities to create personalized videos. Thousands of actors, artists, and influencers have set their own rates for a Cameo video appearance. Cameo video prices range from as low as $1 to as high as $1,500, depending on the celebrity.

What kind of jewelry can a cameo be made of?

Portraits can be carved into Gemstone, layered Agate, and shell. The jewelry setting can be a simple bezel in Silver or Gold or a custom designed Jewel accented with Diamonds, Pearls or Gemstones. Your gemstone cameo will last for thousands of years, well past the time that a shell cameo has deteriorated.

What’s the price of an antique cameo ring?

1st Dibs has a selction of high quality and more expensive antique cameos from $1000 – over $7000. Ruby Lane often has cameo jewelry, typically below $1000. Medieval Rings sometimes has very fine cameo rings up to $10000. You can also find very fine antique cameos from auction houses.

How much does a hand carved cameo cost?

This shell is more expensive than Carnelian shell. This is reserved for the best carvings by the most talented shell carvers. A good hand carved cameo will cost $1500 on average.

How much does a hardstone cameo jewelry cost?

You can tell them from Hardstone or Shell cameos as the plastic is very soft, warm to the touch and often have a waxy luster. A heated pin pressed onto the cameo will create a smoky, burnt smell. Priced from $5 – $20 each.