What information is transmitted by a 406 MHz EPIRB alert?

They transmit a digital identification code on 406 MHz and a low-power “homing” signal on 121.5 MHz. The 406 MHz EPIRBs are divided into two categories: Category I EPIRBs are automatically activated. The automatic activation is triggered when the EPIRB is released from its bracket.

What is the battery capacity of Epirb 406 MHz?

General Specification

Antenna Polarization Vertical whip
VSWR 1.5 or less
Impedance 50Ω
Battery Type Li/MnO2
Voltage 8.4V (Term of validity:5 years)

Which vessel is required to carry a category I 406 MHz EPIRB?

Commercial fishing indus- try vessels
Commercial fishing indus- try vessels operating on the high seas (beyond the three mile territorial sea line) or beyond three miles from the coastline of the Great Lakes (unless exempted) must carry a 406 MHz EPIRB.

How do you test a 406 MHz ELT?

Ensure the 406 MHz transmitter is connected to a test set if possible. Activate the ELT (use the remote switch if installed), and determine if the system is radiating a strong 406 MHz signal. Ensure the system is reset if necessary. If equipped with a water-activated circuit, connect the ELT to a test set if possible.

Where can I find the 406 MHz frequency?

The 406 MHz frequency is a worldwide dedicated emergency frequency that is detected by a network of satellites called the Cospas-Sarsat system. This satellite system was established by, and continues to be supported by, its primary benefactors – the USA, Russia, Canada and France.

How does a 406 MHz rescue beacon work?

Some 406 MHz beacons can transmit GPS positions with an accuracy of 100 meters. Geostationary satellites provide instantaneous locating! The bottom line is this. With a 406 beacon your distress signal will be received from anywhere on the planet, located accurately and quickly, and rescue forces will know who and what to look for.

What are the frequencies for land mobile us220?

35-36 LAND MOBILE NG124 35.00-35.19 MHz Industrial 35.19-35.69 MHz Domestic Public Industrial Public Safety 35.69-36.00 MHz Industrial 36-37 FIXED MOBILE US220 US220 See Section 4.3.6 of the NTIA Manual for Channeling Plan. 37-37.5 LAND MOBILE NG124 37.00-37.01 MHz Industrial 37.01-37.43 MHz Public Safety 37.43-37.5 MHz Industrial 37.5-38.25

What is the 410-420 MHz radio band used for?

410-420 MHz 1. This band is used by Federal agencies primarily for conventional and trunked land mobile radio communication systems.1 Maritime mobile communication systems also operate in this band.