How much does a magnetic sign cost?

Magnetic Sign Quantity Discounts

Quantity 1 100
12″ x 18″ $21.59 $26.99 $6.39 $7.99
12″ x 24″ $26.39 $32.99 $7.99 $9.99

Are magnets cheap?

Magnets tend to be anywhere from 20% to 40% cheaper than comparable graphics at the onset. Magnets are also removable, which means your vehicle can masquerade as a professional vehicle by day, and go back to personal vehicle by night.

How do I remove magnetic signs from my car?

Using an adhesive solvent is one of the ways you can remove a stuck-on car magnet. By heating the magnet up using a hairdryer, or even waiting until the hot sun warms it up, you can weaken the bond between the magnet and the car body. Follow this up with some adhesive solvent to weaken the bond even further.

Which is the best banner company for yard signs?

” ” did an excellent job on the personalized yard sign for our son’s graduation. It was big… ” Great Experiemce! Amazing experience! ” I had a great experience ordering a flag for a patrol in my Boy scout troop.

How to make your own magnetic sign template?

Order Your Custom Magnetic Signs in 3 Easy Steps! Decide on the type of magnetic sign you require. Choose the size you need for the surface you have in mind. Upload your custom artwork or choose from thousands of our customizable magnetic sign templates. What material do you use for magnetic signs?

What kind of material is used for magnetic signs?

Magnetic signs are printed on a 30 mil magnetic material. The magnets include lamination. They are digitally printed in full color. The magnetic signs are intended to be used on cars and vehicles.

How does a magnetic sign help your business?

Magnetic signs not only help you advertise but they are also great identity builders for your brand. They give your company a professional image every time one of your representatives pulls into a client’s location as the vehicle magnet proudly display your message, logo, and contact information. Take advantage…