How many essays for INSEAD?

With seven essays ringing in at a collective 2,000 words, the INSEAD essays are among the longest of any top-tier MBA application. And that’s not including the two optional essays.

How do you write an Insead essay?

INSEAD Essay Samples

  1. Please give a detailed description of your job, including nature of work, major responsibilities, and, where relevant, employees under your supervision, size of budget, number of clients/products and results achieved.
  2. Please give us a full description of your career since graduating from university.

How do I prepare for an Insead interview?

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  2. Have your MBA elevator pitch at the ready.
  3. Research your interviewers.
  4. Connect the dots for them.
  5. Showcase your international experience.
  6. Make your points focused and persuasive.
  7. Prepare to address any concerns.
  8. Ask great questions.

How long is Insead MBA?

Length of the MBA Program: INSEAD offers just one-year programs, including both a 10-month and a 12-month option. These accelerated programs are great for people who want to obtain their MBA quickly and return to work. Four Global Campuses: One of INSEAD’s main attractions is its global reach.

What is INSEAD looking for?

As well as looking for diversity, INSEAD also seeks a high standard of applicant, with an average GMAT score of 710, and a required work experience of 5.6 years. Candidates can apply for intakes in either January or September, with around 500 students accepted in each intake.

How would you describe yourself Insead?

INSEAD Motivation Essay 1: Give a candid description of yourself (who are you as a person) stressing the personal characteristics you feel to be your strengths and weaknesses and the main factors which have influenced your personal development, giving examples when necessary. (600 words max.)

Why is INSEAD a question?

The goal of your INSEAD MBA interviewer isn’t to throw you curve balls but to offer up questions that give you the opportunity to highlight your professional and personal accomplishments, your strengths/weaknesses, your goals, your decision to pursue an MBA and why INSEAD is of interest to you in particular.

What makes you a good candidate for INSEAD?

INSEAD wants students that are comfortable telling their story, who stand out as individuals, and work well in an international community. If you want to work for a multinational corporation and have the desire and ability to be flexible and adaptable, you’ll already be ahead of the game.

Why is INSEAD ranked so high?

The reason for Insead’s rise to No. Insead offers a one-year MBA program as opposed to the standard two. And so, it far outranked most other top MBA programs when it came to “value for money” (one of the FT’s ranking categories that make up its overall ranking).

How does the INSEAD video essay application work?

How does the INSEAD video essay work? The way the video essay works is very simple. After submitting your application, you will receive an email from a company called Kira Talent. This email will contain a link that allows you to access the video essay platform.

Why are there so many questions on INSEAD?

For that reason, INSEAD often asks questions aimed at determining if you work well with others and will be a positive addition to the INSEAD community.

How to write an essay for INSEAD MBA?

You’ll find the INSEAD MBA essays within the online application. Once again, INSEAD asks applicants to answer a series of short-answer job description essays as well as motivation essays. The job questions are not essays. Hence, the number of words is not so important. People need to be comfortable writing 3 lines or 20.

What do you need to know about the INSEAD community?

INSEAD is a highly-diverse community that values open-minded, adaptable people who work well in teams and are strong communicators. After all, if you’re going to bring together a varied pool of candidates from all over the world, you need to make sure they can work together and learn from each other!