Why are schools important in Internationella Engelska Skolan?

Our schools are places where teachers can teach and students can learn. This is possible because of the strong emphasis Internationella Engelska Skolan places on creating a safe and calm environment which is conducive to teaching and learning. That environment helps everyone to concentrate on their lessons.

When is ies Sigtuna Engelska going to open?

The doors to IES Sigtuna will open in August 2021. We are currently building a completely new modern school building with everything required to offer students the ideal learning environment. The school is located in the area Sigtuna Stadsängar, a new and Read more

Who is Ellinor Carlsson in Internationella Engelska Skolan?

Stipendiefonden till Ellinor Carlssons minne (The Stipend in memory of Ellinor Carlsson) was set up in 2015, honouring a student at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet Södermalm who took her final exams despite her diagnosis of sarcoma, which would eventually take her life.

Is the 3C in line with IES Liljeholmen?

Very much in line with the 3C’s of IES Liljeholmen. The rules are now Clearer than the older rules, Read more Term 1 2020 has officially come to an end and we want to thank all of our amazing students and parents for this term. The school was full of great winter sweaters today. We added some pictures to our schools instagram account.

Is the International School of the Gothenburg Region Ib?

ISGR is an IB (International Baccalaureate) World School offering the full continuum of education including the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and together with IHGR, the Diploma Programme… The Admissions Offices close during July – for details & direction click here.

How many IES students have graduated in Sweden?

More than 4,000 IES students across Sweden graduated after completing year nine, ready to move on to their next challenge. IES schools throughout Sweden took the chance to celebrate everything that their year nine students have achieved throughout their years of education.