How to edit workflow in SharePoint Designer 2010?

While editing a workflow in SharePoint Designer 2010: 1 On the Workflow tab, in the Insert group, click Conditions to open the list of workflow actions. 2 Alternately, you can click inside a workflow step, in the search box that appears type words that are in the name of the… More

How to trigger workflow from another SharePoint workflow?

As an alternative, You can call a REST endpoint service to start your workflow in the same list or another list. Go through the following link for detailed description on how to create this. As Karvannan said, you can call another SP2013 workflow via REST.

What are the options for field in SharePoint Designer?

The available options for field depend on the content type, list, library, or site that the workflow is associated with. For example, a workflow that is associated with a default library will have field options such as Title, Created, and Created By.

Is there a workflow to copy files from one site to another?

There is no workflow action in SharePoint designer to copy documents cross site. Luckily, there is a custom workflow activity can be applied into SharePoint, and it allows copying/moving list items and files cross site. The custom workflow activity is called Copy List Item Extended Activity.

What are the different types of SharePoint workflows?

The three types of SharePoint workflow platforms The SharePoint 2010 workflow platform has been carried forward to Office 365 and SharePoint Server 2013, and so all of your workflows that were built on this platform continue to work. This platform is based on Windows Workflow Foundation 3.5 (WF3.5).

Is the CodePlex project compatible with SharePoint 2010?

Compatible with SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and Office365, in one single convenient download containing two EXE files. This is where all CodePlex projects are listed which are extremely useful for SharePoint power users. As the project name states, this contains workflow demos.

Is there a project that works with SharePoint Designer?

This project takes aim at making it easier to create advanced workflows using SharePoint Designer by providing a set of custom workflow activities. Even though this project was originally designed to work in SharePoint designer 2010, some have tested and confirmed that it works in 2013 as well.