How do I download Google zoom?

In Google Play, tap on Apps. In the Play Store screen, tap on the Search icon (magnifying glass) located at the top right-hand side of the screen. Enter zoom in the search text area, and then tap ZOOM Cloud Meetings from the search results. In the next screen, tap Install.

How do I download Google zoom on my computer?

Open your computer’s internet browser and navigate to the Zoom website at

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Download” in the web page’s footer.
  2. On the Download Center page, click “Download” under the “Zoom Client for Meetings” section.
  3. The Zoom app will then begin downloading.

Should I download Zoom or Zoom Google?

The answer should be straightforward: from the official site or Google Play. The official Zoom page even suggests a download of the Android version from Google Play. That is, over 10% of users are risking their safety by downloading Zoom binaries from unofficial sources.

Is Zoom on Google Play store?

ZOOM Cloud Meetings is available for Android 5.0 and above. It’s also compatible with iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

Can I use Zoom on Google Chrome?

Google Chrome Open Chrome. Go to Click Open Zoom Meetings (PC) or Open (Mac). You need to click this option every time you try to launch Zoom from a web browser.

How do I get Zoom on my computer?


  1. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to the top. Alternatively, tap on the All Apps icon. , tap it.
  2. Tap Zoom.

How do I install Google meet on my laptop?

Step 1: Open Chrome or any other browser from your laptop or PC. Open Gmail and login with your Google account. Step 2: Next, you can open Google Meet on the bottom-left corner. You can start a meeting here and invite your friends and colleagues, to join.

Is Zoom safe to use 2021?

Let’s get straight to the point. For most organisations who have a decent degree of security measures in place, yes, Zoom is secure.