Is Essel World Open in 2021?

With the unlocking phase begun in India, EsselWorld too is prepared to reopen its gates with all the necessary precautionary measures. We have carefully designed the new guidelines keeping in mind the health and safety for everyone’s wellbeing.

Is Essel World opened?

EsselWorld is an amusement park located in Gorai on Dharavi island, Mumbai. It covers an area of 65 acres along with Water Kingdom, and was opened to the public in 1989. Along with Adlabs Imagica, EsselWorld is one of the largest amusement parks in India….EsselWorld.

Operating season Year-round
Status Operating

What is the ticket price of Essel World?

Water Kingdom, Mumbai Information

Location Essel World, Global Pagoda Road, Gorai, Borivali West, Mumbai
Timings 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM; every day
Time Required 3-4 hours
Water Kingdom Entry Fees INR 1035 per adult; INR 660 per child, INR 660 per senior citizen

Is camera allowed in Essel world?

Guests are informed that we may photograph /videograph, record or reproduce the images and/or voice during their visit to our parks. Such photographs/video recordings may be used for promotional purposes for which no payment will be made to any such person. Rights of admission reserved.

What is the ticket price of imagica?

₹ 1,499/guest
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Imagicaa Theme Park Tickets & Packages Guest Type Price
Regular Ticket Unlimited regular access to rides and attractions. Adult / Child / Sr. Citizen ₹ 1,499/guest
College Regular Ticket Unlimited regular access to rides and attractions. College Students ₹ 1,499/guest

Which is the best ride at EsselWorld for kids?

One of the two wet rides at EsselWorld, this watery rush will leave you quenching for more. This ride is capable of producing plenty of butterflies in your kid’s stomach and is still the dearest and favorite ride among kids.

Is the Essel World amusement park still open?

After many phases of lockdowns, the EsselWorld family is all pepped up to reopen its gates and welcome you! For the very first time in the history of the 30 year old amusement park, we have been non- operational. However, we were always connected with you in these difficult times and we never stopped entertaining you through our digital platforms.

Is the tunnel Twister Ride at EsselWorld VR?

The Tunnel Twister ride has been enhanced to blend the physical sensations with digital world. With VR Headgears, this ride takes you into a virtual world of roller coaster fun and is a family ride so adults and children can enjoy it together.

How big is the area of EsselWorld Park?

Spread across an area of 100 acres, EsselWorld has around 2 Lakh trees and plants thereby making the park pollution- free. From the time of its inception, EsselWorld has believed and has ensured of keeping a cleaner and a greener environment for the past 30 years.