Is December a good month to go to Florida?

Depending on where you’re headed (i.e. the northern, cooler part of the state or the sunny Keys) and what you’re hoping to do during your vacation (i.e. soak up warm rays or ride rollercoasters), the best time to visit Florida is between February and May and October and December.

Is it warm enough to go to the beach in Florida in December?

The water temperature during the wintertime in Florida is going to be between the mid-60s and low 70s. So it’s definitely going to be warm enough to swim in. Especially compared to somewhere say like North Dakota. So yes, you can definitely swim in them during the winter.

Is Florida Nice in December?

Although it’s winter, you’ll get nice warm temperatures in December, which is also one of the year’s driest months. Climate The peninsula that Florida’s on divides the North Atlantic Ocean from the Gulf of Mexico. The weather’s tropical in the south and subtropical in the north, which is why it’s warm all year round.

Where is the warmest place to go in Florida in December?

Miami, Florida
Miami, Florida Miami, Florida holds the title for the warmest city in the USA during the winter. It also offers some of the hottest weather in the US! Daily average highs in the winter reach 70°F (21°C) and nightly lows only drop to around 62°F (17°C).

Can you wear shorts in Florida in December?

You may want to opt for long sleeves, pants, and a light to heavy jacket for evenings, but otherwise usual resort casual wear is appropriate, which includes shorts if you tolerate cooler temperatures well.

Do people go to the beach in December in Florida?

Chilly winters aren’t exactly the perfect time to plan your next best beach vacation. December is also the right time to visit Florida because swarms of tourists flock there from mid-January so the prices will definitely go up by that time. …

What months are off season in Florida?

July and August are also considered to be off-season and might be a good choice for those who don’t mind some very hot weather, especially in south Florida. July and August are also peak season for rain and insects throughout the state, so plan accordingly.

Is it good to go to Florida in December?

It is the southernmost country in the US which means it has glorious weather, even in December. December is also the right time to visit Florida because swarms of tourists flock there from mid-January so the prices will definitely go up by that time. Visiting in December is perfect for avoiding the peak season and all the cons it brings.

How to find the best Florida vacation packages?

Whether you’re off for a romantic vacation, family trip, or an all-inclusive holiday, Florida vacation packages on Tripadvisor make planning your trip simple and affordable. Find the perfect vacation package for Florida on Tripadvisor by comparing Florida hotel and flight prices.

What should you know before traveling to Florida?

State parks, hotels and attractions are taking precautions to protect guests, but you should assess your risk and that of your family’s prior to traveling.

Where are the warmest beaches in Florida in December?

The Warmest Beaches in Florida in December. 1 1. Delnor Wiggins State Park Beach, Naples. Naples is famous for fantastic white sand beaches and an array of world-class resorts. This beach city 2 2. Crescent Beach, Fort Myers. 3 3. Tigertail Beach Park, Marco Island. 4 4. Juno Beach Park, Juno Beach. 5 5. Smathers Beach, Key West.