When did the movie Lava come out Pixar?

Lava is a 2014 American computer-animated musical short film, produced by Pixar Animation Studios.

What’s the name of the Pixar movie about a volcano?

But the 2014 short film Lava manages to produce one of Pixar’s most moving love stories of all time—a love story between two volcanic islands, at that. The lonely volcano Uku spends thousands of years singing and wishing for a great love to come along and find him. But soon, the unthinkable happens, and Uku sinks beneath the surface of the water.

Who is the volcano in the movie Lava?

Nāpua Greig as Lele, a volcano and Uku’s love interest. Nicholas Garrett gave the short a positive review; he said that “it is one of their most touching and subtle (shorts)”.

Is the movie lava based on a true story?

Lava (2014 film) The short is a musical love story that takes place over thousands of years. It is set to a song written by Murphy, and was inspired by the “isolated beauty of tropical islands and the explosive allure of ocean volcanoes.”.

What is the chorus to someone to lava?

Chorus -Female + Male-: F C I have a dream I hope will come true. G7 Male: That you’ll grow old with me, C Female: and I’ll grow old with you. F C We thank the earth, sea, and sky we thank too.

Why was there lava in the inside out movie?

The movie, though, was a stunning emotional achievement, and capable of wrecking any “human with human-based emotions.” But it wasn’t all perfection. Because in order to experience the greatness that was Inside Out, we had to suffer through six minutes of “Lava,” the Pixar short film that preceded the feature.

What’s the bad thing about the song Lava?

It’s bad. In short, it’s about a creepy looking male volcano who sings a terrible ukulele-based ditty about finding “someone to lava,” which sounds more like a threat than anything romantic. However, he sings it for, like, centuries, as he spews lava and shrinks in size until he’s finally underwater.