Who is the baby in Erin Brockovich?

In the movie, Erin is a single mom of three children—which was true to life—and Elizabeth was portrayed as a baby nicknamed “Beth” who Roberts was frequently holding. Now, Elizabeth is a 30-year-old mom with kids of her own, and she looks a lot like her famous mother. Read on to see them now.

Did Erin Brockovich have children?

Elizabeth Brockovich
Matthew BrownKatie Brown
Erin Brockovich/Children

Brockovich — who is also mom to son Matt, 38, and daughter Katie, 36 — jokes that she did instill her youngest child with at least one life lesson: how to get divorced (Brockovich split from her third husband Eric Ellis in 2012). “I’m pretty good at that now,” Elizabeth jokes.

Who was George in Erin Brockovich?

Aaron Eckhart
The character George–the biker boyfriend played by Aaron Eckhart–was based on Erin Brockovich-Ellis’s Mexican-American biker boyfriend Jorge.

Did Erin Brockovich have a cameo in the movie?

Brockovich appeared in the “Erin Brockovich” movie alongside star Julia Roberts. She played a waitress at a diner while her former real-life boss Ed Masry was briefly seen in the restaurant.

Did Erin Brockovich get 2 million dollars?

The case was settled in 1996 for US$333 million, the largest settlement ever paid in a direct-action lawsuit in United States history. Masry & Vititoe, the law firm for which Brockovich was a legal clerk, received $133.6 million of that settlement, and Brockovich received $2.5 million as part of her fee.

How much money did Erin Brockovich get at the end of the movie?

Who are the parents of Erin Brockovich’s children?

Brockovich has three children: a son Matthew and a daughter Katie from her first marriage to Shawn Brown, and a daughter Elizabeth “Beth” from her second marriage to Steven Brockovich. Her third husband was an actor and country music DJ Eric L. Ellis. As of 2016, Brockovich resides in Agoura Hills, California]

What was the relationship between Erin Brockovich and Michael Brown?

Their relationship has been terribly acrimonious especially after Brown threatened to tell tabloids that she mistreated her three children. Brown was arrested and charged with extortion, but he wasn’t alone in trying to extort money from Brockovich.

When did Erin Brockovich and Eric Ellis divorce?

The two married in 1989. It was a very short-lived marriage however and they divorced in 1990. Erin’s third marriage was to actor and country musician DJ Eric Ellis in 1999.

How much money did Erin Brockovich get paid?

Her successful lawsuit was settled for US$333 million, the largest settlement paid in an American direct-action lawsuit till date. Her association with the case became the subject of the 2000 biographical movie ‘Erin Brockovich.’