Is the drz400sm reliable?

This is an excellent bike very reliable, minimal maintance and very well priced. This bike can be driven on gravel roads with not too much trouble, it can even be off roaded with maybe a beefier tire. Great gas mileage.

How much HP does a drz400sm have?

The bike gets a liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with a carburetor and a displacement of 398cc. The engine makes 39 hp and 26 lb-ft of torque, and it is mated to a five-speed manual transmission. The DR-Z400SM is a bike most at home on city streets but it can be taken off-road.

What is high mileage for a DRZ400?

14-15000 miles is when the User manual says they need to be checked although many check them earlier.

Is Drz reliable?

The DRZ400 is an outstandingly reliable “dirt bike” and is commonly referred to as bullet-proof. Used as an “adventure bike” however it places far more demands on the engine, especially when carrying heavy loads.

How many MPG does a drz400sm get?

For the record, Fuelly reports an average fuel economy of 54 mpg, and I ride it like I’m on a track (more on that later).

How many miles is too many for a Drz?

How many miles will a drz400sm last?

You “should” get about 125 miles per tank based on the history I’ve seen on these bikes.

How big is the battery on a Suzuki drz400?

DRZ-E owners can add the insurance of a back-up kickstart kit (MSRP $199), as the battery is a tiny, sealed 6.5-Amp unit that rides under the left side panel (calling for a different rear fender than the un-E). Suzuki left the kicker off of the E to save weight. Suzuki obviously took great pains to make the DRZ400 handle better than the WRF.

Which is the closest model to a drz400?

Just had a look on that link Stricko, and when you put in 2011 and look for the ‘E’ model the only one that comes up as the drz400 is the ‘S’ and ‘SM’ model. seems to be a common theme with all the overseas web sites. Closest ‘E’ model I can compare to is a ’09. You don’t happen to know if there is a difference in the bikes between 09-11?

Why does my drz400 bike battery keep dying?

San Luis Obispo Co., Cali. my 06 drz400sm battery is dying and I cant figure out if it’s the battery or bike, I charge the battery and then after I ride its dead and the bike will stall. How do I check the bikes systems?

Is the drz400s a street legal bike?

The Drz400s belongs to a special class of bikes specially known as street-legal motorcycles. This allows the bikes to handle both on-road and off-roads. Since they are street legal bikes you will have the mirrors, lights, speedometer and license plates been registered. This kind of bikes have are as sold as the evolution of bikes.