Is Paul Ince Rochelle Humes dad?

Her parents divorced when she was three years old, and she was raised by her mother and her uncle Paul Ince. Humes is of Jamaican descent on her father’s side, and English on her mother’s.

Who is Paul Ince married to?

Claire Ince
Paul Ince/Spouse

Who is Rochelle Humes mum?

Roz Wiseman
Rochelle Humes/Mothers

Who are Rochelle Humes parents?

Rochelle Humes/Parents

Does Rochelle Humes speak to her dad?

The songstress has rarely addressed her relationship with her father, but simply revealed to HELLO! that “My dad has never been around.”

Where is Paul Ince now?

PAUL Ince is a former England footballer, who has also played for Manchester United and Liverpool among many other teams. Today, he continues to work in the sport as a manager and broadcaster.

Who is Paul Inces son?

Tom Ince
Daniel Ince
Paul Ince/Sons

Is Rochelle Humes still married?

Born Rochelle Wiseman, she has been married to JLS singer Marvin Humes since 2012. She started her pop career in the S Club 7 spin-off group, S Club Juniors in 2001.

Are Sophie and Lili twins?

Rochelle Humes and Sophie Piper’s other identical sister Lili is the image of her famous siblings as she departs Love Island Aftersun. She has been supporting her sister Sophie during her stint on this year’s series of.

Why did Rochelle have cesarean?

Their daughter made her entrance on a Monday morning, a year after the couple wed in a lavish wedding at Blenheim Palace. But the birth was a slightly hair-raising experience for the couple; Rochelle had an emergency C-section because Alaia-Mai was breech and the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck.

Is Tom Ince related to Paul Ince?

The son of former England midfielder Paul Ince, Tom Ince began his career with Liverpool, for whom he made his professional debut in the 2010–11 season, coming on as a substitute in the League Cup.

Why is Paul Ince called the governor?

Generally, the story goes that Ince arrived at Manchester United asking to go by the nickname he said he’d had at West Ham: the Guv’nor. “It just showed you how much front and bottle he had to be called the Guv’nor even when he first walked in the door.