What can I use for a paper towel holder?

Organization Ally: 11 Ideas for Using Paper Towel Holders To Cleverly (& Neatly) Organize Things

  • Scarves and other fashion accessories.
  • Belts.
  • Rolls of tape.
  • Necklaces.
  • Hangers in the laundry room.
  • Rolls of garbage bags.
  • Hats.
  • Sheets of stickers.

How do you make a paper towel hanger?

DIY Paper Towel Holder Hanger

  1. Cut the bottom of the hanger in the middle as shown in picture.
  2. Cut off the little hooks on the hanger also.
  3. Slip a paper towel roll onto the bottom of the hanger.
  4. Hang on a tree limb when camping or on a nail in your garage.

Does command make a paper towel holder?

Amazon.com: command paper towel holder.

How do you hang paper towels in the bathroom?

Hanging a paper towel roll on a slim hand-towel bar is almost an ideal solution, like a toilet-paper roll on a toilet-paper-roll holder. To solve the problem of replacing an empty paper-towel roll on a fixed bar, set the bar on two decorative brackets instead of using the rod’s wall-mounting parts.

How do you hide paper towels in the kitchen?

Smart Ways to Hang or Hide Paper Towel Rolls in Your Kitchen

  1. under cabinet paper towel holder in pale wood and white kitchen. Credit: Courtesy of Yamazaki Home.
  2. schoolhouse black brass paper towel holder.
  3. under cabinet paper towel holder in pale wood and white kitchen.
  4. over cabinet door paper towel holder.

How do you display paper towels in a bathroom?

Discover interesting, stylish, handy ways to display a paper towel roll or stack of towels.

  1. On a Countertop Roll. If you have space on the counter, park a paper towel roll near the sink.
  2. Paper Towel Bar.
  3. Basket Stack.
  4. Wall Rack Stack.

How do you remove adhesive from a paper towel holder?


  1. Clean the surface where you would like to install the paper towel holder.
  2. Tear off the back cover of the adhesive.
  3. Stick adhesive and press firmly to squeeze out air bubbles.
  4. Place the holder in the installation position, pull it down, squeeze theholder into the groove.

How do you hang paper towels with Command hooks?

To easily determine placement, I placed the paper towel holder with the hooks in it where I wanted it to go over my kitchen sink. Then, I used a pencil to mark where the Command hooks were sitting. Then, I affixed the strips to the hooks, and then the hooks to the wall where the pencil marks were.