What replaced the M-65 field jacket?

Battle Dress Uniform
The M-65 field jacket earned its stripes during the Vietnam War where is was widely used by U.S. Forces. It was ideal for the cool weather conditions following monsoonal rains. It remained in service until late 1980, when it was replaced by a similar iteration as part of the U.S. Army’s Battle Dress Uniform (BDU).

Who makes the best M65 field jacket?

Best Field Jacket – Our Top Picks

  • Alpha Industries Men’s M65 Field Coat.
  • Rothco M65 Field Jacket.
  • Propper Men’s M65 Field Coat Jacket.
  • Brandit Men’s M-65 Giant Jacket.

Is the M65 field jacket still issued?

The U.S. Army ceased issuing the jacket in 2009. In 2019, Alpha Industries announced that it will start producing these jackets for civilian use again.

How do you date a M65 jacket?

yes, you can date it exactly. If you find the string of numbers on the tag under that looks something like xxxx-67- xxxx-xxx (sorry I don’t have photo on hand), it’s the 2 digit number (like the above 67) that’s the year of manufacture. Great jackets, BTW!

Are field jackets in style?

Field Jackets Are The Perfect Way To Add Military To Your Look. Originating from the military, the field jacket is now taking on a stylish life of its own.

Is M65 field jacket waterproof?

If youre on the fence of whether to choose the classic m65 or the modern soft-shell, I would start here as it is more practical for daily uses. I say get both! This is a great tool jacket. The fabric is waterproof and windproof, plus it has a fleece inner lining to keep you warm even when the temp is freezing.

How old is my army jacket?

To date your item, look for a 2 digit number near the end of the code (it will be between 53 and 61). That two digit number is the exact year of manufacture for your surplus item.

What do you wear under a field jacket?

Cardigans work great under field jackets if you prefer a softer layer. You can go for a shawl neck or classic V neck cardigan. This look can be easily dressed up or down. Start with a shirt (t-shirt or button down) and throw on your cardigan.

Are M65 field jackets warm?

Around since 1965, the M65 liner has been a hard tested, durable, extremely warm, and versatile layer for keeping warm and staying comfy for relatively cheap. The M65 field jacket liner.