What is the length of 10000 wala cracker?


Contain Chemical Composition Safety Distance
1 Pcs (Per Box) “””Al”” ,””S””, “”KNO3″”” To be safe and secure be at the distance of 5 metre.

How many crackers are in 1000 wala?

Assorted Crackers 1000 Wala (2021) Rs. 225, Sivakasi

Event Location Sivakasi
Color Assorted
Service Charges 3%
Country of Origin Made in India
Minimum Order Quantity 36 Box

What is the cost of 10000 wala cracker?

Price Range: Rs. 1800-4000 Per Box.

What is the price of 5000 wala cracker?

Standard Gardland Crackers 5000 Wala (2020) Rs. 2059

Type of Cracker Bombs
Minimum Order Quantity 5 Box

What is the price of 120 shots crackers?

Assorted 120 Multicolour Skyshot Cracker, For Festival,Wedding, Rs 1080 /box | ID: 19784372055.

What is the cost of 240 shots?

Pandyan fire works Multicolor 240 Shots Crackers, Rs 2200 /box | ID: 20010302630.

What is the price of 30 shots?

30 Multi Color Shots at Rs 220/piece | Firecrackers, Holiday Firework, सेलिब्रेशन फायरवर्क, सेलेब्रटिंग फायरवर्क – Muthu Fireworks Industries, Sivakasi | ID: 11735044191.

What is the cost of sky shot?

Price Range: Rs. 350-1250 Per Box.

What is the cost of shots crackers?

60 Shots Crackers at Rs 750/box | Old PRC Dippo.

What is the price of 120 sky shot?

What is the price of 60 shots crackers?

How many shots are in a cracker?

Product Specification

Type of Cracker Sky shots
Brand multibrands
Usage/Application crackers
Types of Colorful Cracker shots
Set Contain 16 piece in a cartoon