How do I restore WLC configuration?

See the below screenshot. (Cisco Controller) >transfer download mode tftp (Cisco Controller) >transfer download datatype config (Cisco Controller) >transfer download filename wlc-backup-2013-01-25 (Cisco Controller) >transfer download path . (Cisco Controller) >transfer download serverip 192.168.

What button can be pressed to ensure the changes you make are saved in NVRAM in WLC?

At the confirmation prompt, press y to save configuration changes to NVRAM.

What is WLC and AP?

The roles of WLC are more: Authentication, Security, QoS, Mobilliy Mangement, Forwarding etc. User traffic between AP and WLC is tunneled with different protocols. The protocols used between WLC and LWAP are: Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP) Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points Protocol (CAPWAP)

What is WLC in networking?

A wireless LAN controller (WLC) is a network component that manages wireless network access points and allows wireless devices to connect to the network. It offers central control over network elements, increases network visibility, and greatly simplifies individual component monitoring.

How do I copy a WLC configuration?

1 – Backup config directly from controller GUI

  1. Change the IP address to the IP address of your TFTP server and change the File Name to your required backup filename.
  2. Your WLC backup will be downloaded to your TFTP server.
  3. To enable this click on the task and tick the enable box.

How do I show running config without more?

However if u like to have freedom to choose, to execute show run without more you can use this method.

  1. Type “terminal length 0” in privileged mode to set your terminal to display without any breaks.
  2. Type “show run” or “show start” to show the applicable config.

How do I connect access point to WLC?

Manually Configure Lightweight AP to join WLC

  1. Configure a temporary WLC with the same name and IP Address of the WLC I want my APs to join.
  2. Utilise DHCP Option 43 to ensure a cross-subnet discovery is available.
  3. Manually set the Controller IP address via the CLI.

What is the purpose of a WLC?

The main function of a traditional wireless LAN controller (WLC ) is to configure wireless access points (AP) that connect to it locally.

What is the function of WLC?

How to upload configuration file for Cisco WLC?

Controllers have built-in utilities for uploading and downloading various files. Follow the instructions in these sections to import files using either the controller GUI or CLI: We recommend that you upload your Cisco WLC’s configuration file to a server to back it up.

Is there a way to save, backup or upload configuration script on WLC?

Is there a way to save the WLC configuration as a .txt file or a copy start to tftp command like in a switch or router in order to later paste or load it to another or the same WLC? Add a new backup WLC in network (only the name and IP address will be different) in order to avoid going step by step through it’s configuration.

Can a superuser import a WLC configuration file?

Only a superuser can import a WLC configuration file. All other users, including the administrator, have only viewing rights. In the Advanced Configuration section, select Use Custom WLC Configuration and then click Upload Custom Configuration File. Select a file to upload.

How to transfer upload datatype in WLC1?

Transfer upload datatype can be any of the following, but of the configuration backup you need to select “config” option. transfer upload path given as “.” implies path location is root folder where you select on your TFTP server application. (WLC1) >transfer upload datatype ? ap-crash-data Upload the ap-crash files.