How do you put a GIF in your Tumblr description?

Log in to your Tumblr account, and then click the “Customize” button on the Dashboard. Locate the Description box in the toolbox to the left. Click inside the Description box, and then type “” (without the quotation marks) in the spot where you want the image to appear.

How do you put a picture in your description box on Tumblr?

Press “Ctrl-F” and type “block:Description” (without quotes) in your browser’s search box to locate the code corresponding to the description of your page. Press “Save” to save your preferences and add your image to the Tumblr description box.

Can you have a GIF as a profile picture on Tumblr?

If you want to use a GIF for your profile picture avatar on the sidebar, go to the blog’s settings and click “Change Avatar.” Click inside the “Choose a Photo” box, select a GIF file, click “Open,” then “Save.”

How do I add a sidebar image to my Tumblr HTML?

Putting a picture in your sidebar:

  1. Find a picture you like and want to use as your sidebar image.
  2. Go to an image hosting site like photobucket or imageshack.
  3. Upload it and get the Html Code for it.
  4. Copy and paste that into your description (Customize > Info > Description)

How do you add an avatar to your Tumblr theme?

If you want to add your avatar photo to the current theme manually, click “Edit HTML” on the customization screen and use “{PortraitURL-xx}” as the image placeholder. The “xx” can be 16, 24, 30, 40, 48, 64, 96 or 128, and determines the size at which the avatar picture is shown, in pixels.

How do I put a picture in my description box?

How to: Add pictures to your description

  1. Click on “upload images”
  2. Click “browse your computer” and select the image you want.
  3. Then right-click and select “view image”
  4. Keep a copy of the link in the address bar (you’ll need it later!)
  5. The highlighted box is where you should make changes to your description.

Why are there image descriptions on Tumblr?

Why are image descriptions important? To start off, image descriptions are important because they make Tumblr more accessible. They are needed on Tumblr because the way this site is coded doesn’t allow for the normal way that screen readers read descriptions.

How do you make a Tumblr avatar?

To upload or change your profile portrait, click the settings gear icon in your dashboard, then click the name of the blog to edit in the right sidebar menu. Click the avatar icon next to the title of your blog in the blog Settings page. The File Upload dialog box opens.

How do you add a sidebar to your Tumblr?

If you want to add a sidebar to your company’s Tumblr blog, you can do so from the blog’s settings page.

  1. Click the “Gear” icon to open the settings page.
  2. Click on the blog you’d like to add a sidebar to and then click the “Customize” button.

How big should a GIF be on Tumblr?

Tumblr GIFs can be a max of 540 pixels wide. When you put multiple GIFs next to each other a 10 pixel bumper is inserted between them. Resize your GIF with this in mind to keep the quality high. I usually don’t put more than two GIFs next to each other. With two across, each image will need to be 268 pixels wide.

How to add a GIF to your home page on Tumblr?

Your Tumblr’s business home page provides visitors with a template that stays consistent no matter what page they are currently viewing. You can add an animated GIF to your home page by placing it below your profile picture, header or background. Once the image has been added, the animated GIF will appear on every page.

Where can I get still images to make a GIF?

With still images, you can get those from all the usual places: your own digital camera, the internet, screen captures (what I usually do), or even scans of analog images that you have laying around. If you can make a JPEG of it, you can make a GIF of it.

What can a GIF do for a video?

The GIF you create also lets you watch a moment over and over, rather than the way that moments in film usually slip by in their temporally linear fashion. Along those lines, GIFs can also let you slow down or speed up a collection of frames from a moving image source, or give movement to a series of still images.