Can anyone go to Asiatic library?

Town Hall is perhaps the most regal and elegant of Mumbai’s heritage buildings. It houses the Asiatic Society, a library with a collection of 800,000 antique volumes. You need permission to look at these treasures, but the public library is open to all.

When was Asiatic library built?

The Asiatic Society of Mumbai/Founded

Why was Asiatic Bengal formed?

Asiatic Society of Bengal, scholarly society founded on Jan. 15, 1784, by Sir William Jones, a British lawyer and Orientalist, to encourage Oriental studies. The society was founded shortly after his arrival. …

Who established Bengal Asiatic Society?

William Jones
দ্য এশিয়াটিক সোসাইটি/Founders
ON January 15, 1934, the Asiatic Society of Bengal, which was founded under the name of the “Asiatick Society”, on January 15, 1784, by Sir William Jones, will reach the age of a hundred and fifty years.

Is Asiatic library free?

Entry Fee and Timings of Asiatic Society Mumbai Town Hall The town hall remains closed on Sundays. Entry Fee: There is a subscription fee rather. One needs to gain a resident membership or a reader membership to enter the town hall and access the books in the library.

What is the meaning of Asiatic Society?

The Asiatic Society is an organisation founded during the Company rule in India to enhance and further the cause of “Oriental research”, in this case, research into India and the surrounding regions. At the time of its foundation, this Society was named as “Asiatick Society”.

Who built town hall?

Colonel John Garston
Town Hall was constructed by the British architect Colonel John Garston with a total expenditure of Rs. 700,000 that was raised through a public lottery. The construction began in the year 1807 but it took close to seven years to be completed in the year 1814.

What was the aim of Asiatic Society?

Rediscovery of India’s glorious past. Promotion of Western culture in India. To fight social and religious evils.

How can I get free books in Mumbai?

Free Public Libraries – Mumbai Memership and Free Libraries

  1. British Council Library : 1st Floor Mittal Tower, “A” Wing, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400021 Contact : +91-22-22823560.
  2. Bhagini Samaj Children’s Library : Maganlal Ghia Building, 225/Khetwadi Main Road, Prarthana Samaj, Mumbai – 400004, Contact : +91-22-23854317.

Where was the Asiatic Society of Mumbai founded?

Location in Mumbai, India. The Asiatic Society of Mumbai (formerly Asiatic Society of Bombay) is a learned society in the field of Asian studies based in Mumbai, India. It can trace its origin to the Literary Society of Bombay which first met in Mumbai on November 26, 1804, and was founded by Sir James Mackintosh.

When did the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland become the Bombay branch?

In 1826, it became the Mumbai arm of the London-based Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland and came to be called the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (BBRAS). In 1954, the institution was severed from its London parent and became the Asiatic Society of Bombay.

What are the activities of the Asiatic Society?

The Asiatic Society is a learned society whose activities include conducting historical research, awarding historians, and running an institute of post-graduate studies.

Who is the patron of the Asiatic Society?

The Governor of Maharashtra is the Society’s Chief Patron. The Asiatic Society began its journey in 1804 as the Literary Society of Bombay. It was founded by Sir James Mackintosh, a Scottish colonial administrator who had a keen interest in Oriental studies.