Where to find Graviton cores?

Gathering the Graviton Cores

  • New Bodhum 003 AF – Graviton Core Alpha. Head south from the meteor crater until you’re about halfway between the Gate and the village.
  • Bresha Ruins 005 AF – Graviton Core Beta.
  • Academia 400 AF – Graviton Core Delta.
  • Yaschas Massif 100 AF – Graviton Core Epsilon.

Where is Graviton Core Delta?

The Graviton Core Delta is phased out the northwest area (marked by the x ): make your way to Chocolina, move north along the ramp, and pop Mog’s Moogle Hunt ability until you get it.

What is the Ochu incapable of doing?

What is the ochu incapable of doing? Use its wings to fly.

How do you use Moogle Hunt ability?

The Definition of Moogle Hunt is the ability for either Noel Kreiss or Serah Farron to Throw Moogle Outside the normal paramaters of where your character can travel. Normally to grab an item/artefact. This ability can be performed by holding LB and while still holding LB pressing RB to release Mog where you see fit.

How many toes does a sheep have ff13 2?


Question Answer Button
How many lights are there above the gate of the mysterious fighting arena linked to Sunleth? 6 /
How many toes does a sheep have? 3 /
In 360 AF, what revolutionary idea solved Academia’s power shortage issue? Typhoon energy /
In Gran Pulse mythology, who is referred to as the false demon? Lindzei /

Where can I find Captain Cryptic?

Captain Cryptic can be found in the Entrance area, which is a short walk south of the Brain Blast terminal. Use Moogle Hunt to reveal him and then initiate a conversation to start the Confounding Quiz side quest.

Where are the graviton cores in Final Fantasy XIII-2?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Graviton Core Location Walkthrough. During the main quest line you will run into a problem. You will need to find invisible Graviton Cores in order to proceed. They are scattered all over the time lines so they can be hard to find. This location guide will help you find them all as you go.

Where to find graviton cores in academia 4xx AF?

With at least 5 Graviton Cores in hand, head back to Alyssa in Academia 4XX AF. Return all 5 and watch the ensuing cinematic. When you’re done, head to the Gate southeast of your current location to move on to Episode 5.

What do you need to know about the graviton core?

A Graviton Core (グラビトンコア, Gurabiton Koa?) is a matter from Final Fantasy XIII-2 that allows levitation of mass objects of great density. Areas such as the Thirteenth Ark are enabled to remain afloat thanks to the Graviton Core. A Graviton Core is an extremely rare material discovered within the Thirteenth Ark.

How does the graviton core keep the Ark aloft?

A Graviton Core is an extremely rare material discovered within the Thirteenth Ark. The Ark is kept aloft by the buoyant force produced through the cross-reaction between the crystal ores clustered within the core. This system provides a semi-perpetual energy source, eliminating the need to rely on outside power supplies.