What is the size for steam artwork?

Size: Please provide ‘231px x 87px’ image. From that, two smaller sizes (120×45 and 184×69) capsules are automatically generated. Requirements: Small Capsule should contain readable logo, even at smallest size. In most cases, this means your logo should nearly fill the small capsule.

What is the resolution of steam artwork showcase?

Original Resolution: 1280×720 Custom Height Steam Artwork Showcase Tutorial Youtube Learn how to add and change the showcase feature on your steam profile. 1488×911 – This guide will guide to you through how to upload long images to the artwork or screenshot showcase.

How do you showcase artwork on steam?

How do I add artwork to Steam? To upload artwork, go to the related Community Hub’s Artwork tab and look for the “Upload Artwork” button at the top right.

What level does artwork showcase unlock?

Art Showcase Issues Some users have reported how they didn’t receive the Art showcase as an option to add their first showcase after reaching level 10. After you gather enough experience to reach level 10, you should be prompted with a couple of options on which showcase to add to your profile.

Can you make your own animated avatar on Steam?

Go to Steam. design[steam. design] and sign in with your Steam account. Once the website finishes loading all of your Profile Backgrounds from your inventory, click on the one you’d like to animate / use in your artwork.

How big is a steam art showcase box?

Hi Bixxiee, it may be very late to answer this but i stumble upon this while looking for actual dimensions myself. I did find them and the dimensions to have artwork fit the whole box is roughly or accurately 506×506.

How big should my artwork be on Steam?

(For middle artwork, width should be 506 pixels wide and any height. Then side artwork should be 100 pixels and with the same height as the middle if you want it to align.) 2,214 Comments

How big should a featured artwork Showcase be?

The size of the featured artwork, not normal artwork showcase. for example 1920×1080 but for the featured artwork. featured artwork wasn’t a thing until recently. 632×482 was actually the answer, but you can go bigger, so I have yet to find out what the maximum size is, does your answer happen to be the maximum size?

How big should the background be on Steam?

Design [steam.design] will automatically crop your steam background to the correct dimensions. If you are using the normal artwork showcase (1 middle and 1 side); for middle artwork, width should be 506 pixels wide and any height.