What is the Tehelka case?

The former Tehelka editor-in-chief, Tarun Tejpal was accused of allegedly sexually assaulting a female colleague inside the elevator of a luxury hotel in Goa in 2013. After eight years, Tarun Tejpal, who is out on bail, was acquitted of all charges in the alleged sexual assault case against him.

Is Tarun Tejpal out on bail?

An Indian court has cleared Tarun Tejpal, the former editor of Tehelka magazine, of charges of raping a colleague. He was arrested and spent seven months in jail until the Supreme Court granted him bail.

Who is the editor of Tehelka?


Editor Charanjit Ahuja
Former editors Tarun Tejpal Aniruddha Bahal Sanjay Dubey
Categories News Portal, Magazine
Circulation 58741 Avg March (2019)*
Publisher Swinder Bajwa

Who was assaulted by Tarun Tejpal?

Earlier this week, a Goa Sessions Court acquitted former Tehelka Editor-in-Chief Tarun Tejpal of all charges relating to his alleged rape of his junior colleague (the prosecutrix) in 2013.

What is Tarun Tejpal accused of?

Tarun Tejpal was accused of raping a junior colleague inside the elevator of a five-star resort in Goa in 2013 during the magazine’s event. The Goa police registered an FIR against him in November 2013 following which he was arrested.

What was Tarun Tejpal accused of?

Why did Tarun Tejpal quit as editor of Tehelka?

As per the complaint, the victim was reportedly sexually assaulted by Tejpal on November 7 and the offence was repeated on November 8. • The allegations kicked up a storm and forced Tejpal, who had admitted to “bad lapse of judgment”, to quit as the editor.

Is it necessary to investigate misconduct at work?

Investigating an employee’s alleged misconduct is one of those challenges that many employers dread. It may seem like a negative process that can drain your time and energy, but it is a necessary evil.

Why are some witnesses reluctant to talk about misconduct?

Some witnesses to the alleged misconduct may be reluctant to speak as they fear some form of backlash. Therefore, investigating officers must be skilled in putting people at ease and extracting all the necessary information.