Are Sea Ray sundancers good boats?

Most owners keep their Sea Rays in good condition both in appearance and maintenance, which make them excellent boats for resale. I have found, in my 18 years of selling boats, that the Sundancers are the most popular Sea Rays for resale for first time Sea Ray buyers.

How much are new Sea Ray boats?

New Sea Ray boats, $40,000 – $150,000 – Boat technical specs and model comparison – The Boat Guide.

Are Sea Ray boats high quality?

Most owners seem to be happy with Sea Ray boats, and they generally hold up well compared to other similar brands in terms of durability. Overall, Sea Ray can be considered to be a good, reliable brand.

Will Sea Ray make big boats again?

June 26, 2018, Brunswick released that for the benefit of the overall company and Sea Ray, they will not sell the Sea Ray brand, but focus their efforts on building the best sport boats and cruisers up to 40 feet. In doing so, Sea Ray will discontinue production of sport yacht and yacht models.

Is 600 hours a lot for a boat?

Is 600 hours on a boat a lot? 600 hours on a boat is not a lot. If the boat is used around 30-100 hours each year, a boat with 600-hours is a good pick because 30-100 hours each year imply the owner probably would have done annual maintenance; otherwise, the boat couldn’t get that long.

What kind of cruising does Sea Ray do?

Sea Ray is popular for their Cruisers, Express Cruiser, Motor Yachts, Bowrider and other among other classes and models. Overall these available boats have a medium-depth draft and wide beam, attributes that make them favorable for overnight cruising, day cruising, watersports and freshwater fishing.

How big are the Sea Ray pleasure boats?

Founded in 1959, Sea Ray Boats is the world’s largest manufacturer of pleasure boats ranging from 17 to 61 feet, with over 40 different models. Sport boats, cruisers, sport yachts – you name it, there’s a good chance Sea Ray builds it. Sea Ray has over 400 dealers on six continents, making it one of the best-known boating brands across the globe.

How many Sea Ray Boats are there for sale?

Boat Trader currently has 1,785 Sea Ray boats for sale, including 365 new vessels and 1,420 used boats listed by both individuals and professional boat dealers mainly in United States. The oldest model listed is a classic boat built in 1962 and the newest model year was built in 2022.

Where can I buy a Sea Ray runabout?

Sea Ray’s all-new SPX family of sporty and affordable runabouts makes it fun and exciting to connect with the outdoors… and to do so with the greatest of ease.