Do you need a 4WD to get to Gunn Point?

Camping at Gunn Point & Stingray Head Both beautiful beach camping sites with sunsets over the water, 1.5-2 hours drive on opposite sides of the city. Gunn Point to the northeast is easy to access but for Stingray Head which is just out of Dundee to the southwest, you’ll need a 4WD and a Hema Map.

Is Gunn Point open?

Partial access to the new Gunn Point Road is open with detours and speed restrictions in place. Motorists are advised to drive with caution.

Can you swim at Gunn Point?

Swimming anywhere at Gunn Point Peninsula is not recommended at any time of the year due to the likely presence of saltwater crocodiles and stingers. The beach areas of Gunn Point Peninsula are not patrolled and saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) are known to inhabit the area.

Is the road to Gunn Point sealed?

The Gunn Point Road is a sealed and an unsealed road in the Northern Territory. It starts near Howard Springs. For cyclists and those towing caravans, boats or heavy loads the Gunn Point Road is a fairly flat road with the steepest gradient/incline along its length being only about 3% (highlight point | zoom to point).

Is Robin falls Swimming Open?

It is open all year round; however swimming is not always possible due to water levels. This place is simply magic in the Wet Season! The Wangi Falls Walk (start at the Wangi Plunge Pool) is approx 1.6km return, 1 hr in duration, level (moderate, however steep in sections).

Is Kakadu open now?

COVID-19 update – Visitor restrictions and closures The national park remains open, however to minimise risk to our staff, visitors and community, the Bowali Visitor Centre is closed and Ranger-guided activities have ceased, both until further notice.

Can you swim in ocean in Darwin?

The ocean water of Darwin is enticing on a warm day so finding a patrolled beach where it’s safe to swim is a must. Mindil Beach, Casuarina Beach and Nightcliff Beach are all patrolled in the dry season.

Can you swim in Wangi Falls?

Wangi Falls is one of Litchfield’s most popular and easily accessible attractions. It is open all year round; however swimming is not always possible due to water levels.

Can you swim in the Daly River?

The Daly River Crossing Prior to European settlement, it was traditionally a meeting place for Aboriginal people to trade and hold ceremonies. Swimming is not recommended due to the presence of Saltwater Crocodiles. Public camping is prohibited.

Why is Kakadu closing?

A popular site at World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park will be symbolically closed by traditional owners amid allegations of racism by federally funded Parks Australia. Gunlom – a cascading waterfall that appeared in the movie Crocodile Dundee – was set to be reopened to tourists after the wet season.

What to do at Gunn Point in Darwin?

Gunn Point is a favourite fishing and camping spot, but it in the future it may be home to a port, irrigation farming, and possibly even a new town. Skip to main content

Where is the best place to camp in Darwin?

Gunn Point is a popular and accessible fishing & boating destination, with boat ramps at Saltwater Arm and Leaders Creek Fishing Base. Located just over an hour from Darwin, Gunn Point Peninsula is a popular fishing, camping and leisure destination for Territorians and tourists alike.

What was the code name for Gunn Point?

During the WW2 defence of Darwin, Gunn Point had the code name ‘Cannon’. Formerly part of Koolpinyah Station, approximately 90% of Gunn Point Peninsula is held by the Northern Territory Land Corporation as a Crown Lease in Perpetuity.

Is it safe to swim at Gunn Point?

As there are no lifesaving or medical facilities in the area, swimming at Gunn Point is not recommended. Horses and dogs are both allowed at Gunn Point Peninsula. Horse riding is permitted at Gunn Point Peninsula including on Murrumujuk Beach.