Is Castleknock College fee paying?

A fee-paying School St Vincent’s Castleknock College is a Voluntary Catholic Secondary School under the trusteeship of the Congregation of the Missions, more commonly known as the Vincentians.

How old is Castleknock College?

Castleknock College (Irish: Coláiste Caisleán Cnucha) is a voluntary Vincentian secondary school for boys, situated in the residential suburb of Castleknock, 8 km west of Dublin city centre, Ireland. Founded in 1835 by Philip Dowley, it is one of the oldest boys schools in Ireland.

What are the fees for Kilkenny College?

It is 75% Protestant, mainly Church of Ireland, the rest of the students are Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and atheist. The school has been charging fees of 9,680 euros for boarders – about £8,300 – and 4,148 euros for day students, about £3,500.

How much is clongowes a year?

Clongowes is the second most expensive boarding school in the country. Clongowes Wood College is the second most expensive boarding school in the country, according to new figures. The school near Clane charges €19,890 a year, which is less than St Columba’s in Whitechurch, Dublin, which charges up to €22,800 a year.

How much does it cost to board at Blackrock College?

For boarders, the most expensive school in the State is also St Columba’s, which charges up to €23,952 for seven-day boarders. It is followed by Clongowes Wood College, Co Kildare (€20,920), Blackrock College, Dublin (€19,450), Glenstal Abbey, Co Limerick (€19,300) and Alexandra College (€18,986).

Who was the first student at Castleknock College?

On 28 August 1835, St. Vincent’s Ecclesiastical Seminary was opened in Castleknock, as a boarding school catering for just 47 boys. The first student to enrol in 1835 was John Lynch of Clones, County Monaghan.

Where are the masses held at Castleknock College?

Masses are held daily in the Boys’ Chapel by members of the Vincentian community. An annual Family Mass for each Year is celebrated at which boys of that Year and their families participate together with the Community and teachers. Masses are held at regular times in the Chapel (e.g. Lent, Advent, Exam Time).

Where can I apply to St Vincent’s Castleknock?

St Vincent’s Castleknock College has an open admissions policy which appears on the policies section of this website. An application form is available on this website and can be submitted by post.

What do the colours of Castleknock College mean?

The school’s colours are navy and sky blue. The school crest is a book, symbolising education, a cross, symbolising the success of Catholicism and the Irish shamrock, symbolising the success of the Vincentians in Ireland. The school has a conservative, intellectual, and Vincentian ethos.