How can I reduce my tummy after c-section?

Here are some top tips to reduce belly fat after c section:

  1. Get a Postnatal Massage: Massages help to break up belly fat and release fluids from the lymph nodes which can greatly help in weight loss post c section delivery.
  2. Breastfeed.
  3. Walk Off the Extra Weight.
  4. Bind Your Tummy.
  5. Take Up Yoga.
  6. Get Adequate Sleep.

Which exercise is best for belly fat after c-section?

Three Abdominal Exercises After a C-Section

  • Bridge. Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and legs hip-width apart. Slowly lift your butt and back off the floor.
  • Modified Cobra. Lie on your stomach with your palms flat next to your shoulders.
  • Forward Bend.

How long does it take to tone tummy after c-section?

Some women might just need a few short weeks to recover from a c-section, while others will need a few months. Generally speaking, it’s best to wait at least 6-8 weeks before you start to exercise or diet. As eager as you might be to lose the weight right away, this will only cause complications.

How to do abdominal exercises after a C section?

Abdominal exercises after C-Section delivery. Stand with your back to a wall, one to two feet away. Lean against the wall and go into sitting position with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Engage your stomach muscles and pelvic floor muscles as you hold the position as long as possible. Repeat 5 times.

How to flatten your stomach after a cesarean?

Stomach Exercises After Cesarean 1 Vacuums. Sit, stand or lie down on your back. Inhale fully into your lungs; then exhale deeply. 2 Dowel rotations. Hold a dowel or a broomstick across your upper back. Perform a vacuum, drawing your abs in and up. 3 Heel slides. Lie on your back with your knees bent.

Is it possible to lose belly fat after a C section?

Unfortunately, the recovery period from a C-section is more complicated and takes longer than the recovery from a vaginal birth. While you may be eager to lose the belly fat you accumulated from the pregnancy, you must proceed with caution since your abdominal muscles and skin need more time to heal.

What kind of exercises should I do to flatten my stomach?

Doing targeted exercises to strengthen your abdominal and pelvic muscles is important, but they should be part of a program that strengthens all your body’s major muscle groups — arms, shoulders, back, abdomen, chest and legs. Start out with light weights or your own bodyweight at first.