Where is the Atomium restaurant in Brussels Belgium?

Perched 100m above ground in the top sphere of the capital city’s most impressive monument, Atomium Restaurant treats you to an extraordinary experience. Whether Belgian specialities or seasonal dishes, Alexandre Masson revisits tradition … with the clouds at hand ! The Terrace. Welcome to the Atomium Terrace!

Is it safe to eat at Atomium restaurant?

Yes, Atomium Restaurant is taking precautions against COVID-19. A full list is available within the “safety precautions” section of this page. How is Atomium Restaurant rated?

How long is the lunch menu at Atomium?

We ordered the 3 course lunch menu, they managed to serve a cold appetizer and the main dish in just under 2 hours. We skipped dessert as it might have taken another 45 minutes. The food itself is great , our waiter was friendly and correct.

How many people visit the Atomium a year?

Renovated as a major national event between 2004 and 2006, the Atomium – which was not intended to survive Expo 58 for which it was the flagship construction – is today, with over 600,000 visitors per year, the most popular tourist attraction in the capital of Europe, an art centre and an international symbol of Brussels and Belgium.

When is the Atomium restaurant in London closing?

The Atomium Restaurant will be closed from 22 January to 2 February. Opening for Friday, February 2 at evening. Thank you for your understanding!

Which is the best panoramic restaurant in Brussels?

PANORAMIC RESTAURANT Upper sphere (level 8) Suspended 100 metres above the ground, in the highest sphere of the most impressive monument in the capital, the Atomium Restaurant (under independent management) invites you to enjoy an extraordinary experience. Belgian specialities or seasonal dishes, our restaurant revisits tradition near the clouds.