What are common Iranian names?

Some common Persian personal names are Dariush, Koorush, Abtin, Kamran and Arash for men. Elnaz, Shirin, Sara, Nooshin, Mehri and Laleh are common for women. Many names have a meaning. For example, Behrooz (boy’s name) means ‘better day’, while Bahar (girl’s name) means ‘season of Spring’.

What are common Iranian last names?

Most Common Last Names In Iran

Rank Surname Incidence
1 Mohammadi 914,359
2 Hosseini 713,421
3 Ahmadi 551,104
4 Ali 470,706

Which is the best name in India?

Top 100 boy names in India in 2019

  • Muhammad+1.
  • Sai+76.
  • Advik-2.
  • Rudra+18.
  • Aayansh+19.
  • Adinew.
  • Dhruv-1.
  • Veer+88.

What is the most popular girl name in Iran?

TEHRAN – “Fatemeh” and “Amir-Ali” were respectively the most popular names for baby girls and boys born in Iran during the first nine months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21-December 21, 2019), National Organization for Civil Registration spokesman has announced.

Is Khan an Iranian name?

Khan is a common surname among Muslims of Central Asian and South Asian origin, and in people having Mongol or Turkic origin. It is one of the most common surnames in the world, shared by over 12 million people in Asia and 24 million worldwide.

What are the boy and girl names in Iran?

List of Iranian baby boy names (male) , baby girl names (female) & Iranian name meanings has been compiled from various resources. Please use this list of Iranian baby names only for reference / idea to name your kid / child.

What does a Persian baby girl name mean?

356 Persian Baby Girl Names With Meanings NAMES MEANING Berina Best, highest Bosnian,Persian Bolour A woman who is like a crystal Persian Caspara She who is the keeper of treasure Persian Cyra Moon faced Persian

Are there any Indian baby names of Indian origin?

Indian baby names are not all Hindu, as there are Indian Muslim countries that don’t use Hindu names, but Arabic Names or Iranian Names. Many Indian names are of Hindu origin names used widely for naming a baby boy or baby girl. Indian baby names are originated from Sanskrit, the ancient Indo-European language.

Which is the most popular name in Iran?

This Persian name relates to means someone who is a master. It is also referred to as the father of a child. It is quite a popular name in Iran. 4. Adib This name relates to a child who is well mannered and scholarly.