Is Intel Xeon discontinued?

Intel is discontinuing dozens of first-generation Xeon Scalable processors ahead of its much-anticipated Ice Lake server launch near the end of the year. In the notice, Intel said it was discontinuing the processors because demand has “shifted to other InteL products.”

What is the strongest Xeon?

Intel’s Most Powerful Ever Processor Goes On Sale: Meet The $3000 28-Core Xeon W-3175X. This article is more than 2 years old. Intel has announced that the Xeon W-3175X – it’s 28-core monster workstation CPU, has finally gone on sale having first been glimpsed in June last year.

Is Intel Xeon still good?

Answer: Xeon CPUs are simply not worth it for gaming. They are extremely expensive, designed for demanding computing tasks, and have their own sockets. Ultimately, they are much more powerful than what is required from games, making them an overall bad investment for a gaming PC.

Why is Xeon platinum so expensive?

Xeon CPUs have a higher MSRP because they are designed to be used in enterprise and server environments, they are typically binned to provide better efficiency than regular consumer parts (run cooler, use less power) and they have added features like ECC support and typically feature additional managing features like …

How much does an Intel Xeon cost?

Being Intel’s fastest 28-core CPU for multi-socket servers, the Xeon Platinum 8284 processor costs $15,460 (recommended customer price for 1k unit order, RCP), whereas the Xeon Platinum 8280 that runs at a 300 MHz lower frequency, costs $10,009 for 1ku.

How fast is a Xeon processor?


General information
Common manufacturer(s) Intel
Max. CPU clock rate 0.4 GHz to 4.80 GHz
FSB speeds 0.6 GHz to 8.0 GT/s

Where can I find slblj Intel Xeon x3430?

SLBLJ (Intel Xeon X3430) CPU-World News• CPUs / Chips• Benchmarks• Information• Forum• Links• About Identification• Pinouts• S-Spec numbers• Glossary Search CPU-World Search the site / Identify CPU / Quick CPU lookup: SLBLJ (Intel Xeon X3430)

What’s the front side bus speed of Intel Xeon?

Intel 1600 MHz front-side bus Xeon processors will drop into the Intel 5400 (Seaburg) chipset whereas several mainboards featuring the Intel 5000/5200-chipset are enabled to run the processors with a 1333 MHz front-side bus speed. Seaburg features support for dual PCIe 2.0 x16 slots and up to 128 GB of memory.

What was the latest version of the Xeon processor?

A new server chipset, E7500 (which allowed the use of dual-channel DDR SDRAM ), was released to support this processor in servers, and soon the bus speed was boosted to 533 MT/s (accompanied by new chipsets: the E7501 for servers and the E7505 for workstations).

What’s the difference between Intel Xeon and Xeon Phi?

Intel Xeon is a distinct product line from the similarly-named Intel Xeon Phi. The first-generation Xeon Phi is a completely different type of device more comparable to a graphics card; it is designed for a PCI Express slot and is meant to be used as a multi-core coprocessor, like the Nvidia Tesla.