Can you freedom camp in a car in NZ?

Self Containment Certification If you wish to stay in a freedom camping area, your vehicle must be self-contained. Self-contained vehicles must meet the Caravan Self Containment Certification standard. -a rubbish bin with a lid.

Is it illegal to freedom camp in NZ?

Freedom camping is not illegal in New Zealand, but local by-laws can specifically restrict it in certain areas and free campers not complying with notices can be fined.

How much does camping cost in NZ?

Fees are around $15 per night for adults and $7.50 for children. Scenic campsites are in sought-after locations and have a more limited range of services. Toilets, tap water and vehicle or boat access is guaranteed, and they may also have wood BBQs, cold showers, cooking shelters and rubbish bins.

Is freedom camping allowed in Auckland?

Freedom Camping in Auckland Freedom camping is a great way to save on the cents when travelling around New Zealand. The Auckland region has a limited number of free camping spots, but the few it does have are only open to certified self-contained vehicles staying a maximum of two nights.

Where can you camp for free in NZ?

Freedom camping on DOC land is generally allowed, with some exceptions. There are some places on DOC land where you cannot camp because the site has a special value, for example, it’s a Māori burial site (urupā) or a protected plant or animal is there. You cannot camp at DOC reserves unless signs allow it.

Is it legal to sleep in your car in NZ?

Sleeping in Your Car Some people when travelling around New Zealand want to sleep in their car to save money on accommodation. Sleeping in your car in any public place or areas that are some “self-contained” vehicles only is illegal and getting caught could land you an instant NZ$200 fine.

Can I live in a tent in New Zealand?

In New Zealand under section 10 of the Freedom Camping Act 2011 you are allowed to camp in any local authority area unless camping is actively restricted or prohibited in that area. This means you can often Wild Camp on Department of Conservation (DOC) and local council land.

Can you park your motorhome anywhere in New Zealand?

This is a mistake that many first-time travellers to New Zealand make. You simply cannot park and sleep in your campervan just anywhere. There are rules about where you can and can’t (freedom) camp in New Zealand. New legislation was introduced in August 2011 around freedom camping in New Zealand.

Where can you park a motorhome in New Zealand?

Can I Park My Campervan Anywhere In New Zealand?

  • National Parks. Throughout New Zealand, you will find national parks which are managed by the Department of Conservation (DOC).
  • Holiday Parks.
  • Freedom Camping.
  • Park Over Property.

Can you sleep in your car drunk NZ?

There’s currently no law against sleeping in your car while intoxicated, but you may have to prove that you had no intention to drive.

Where is the motor camp in Reefton New Zealand?

Reefton Motor Camp is conveniently located beside the skate park, just down the road from the Reefton Swimming Pool, and within easy walking distance to town where shopping, supermarkets and a scenic walk are found. Enjoy the tranquility and good old-fashioned Kiwi family fun in the spacious and park-like settings.

Are there any campsites near Reefton holiday park?

There is one motor camp in Reefton, and two Department of Conservation areas close by – in Slab Hut Creek and in Marble Hill. The Reefton Motor Camp offers standard holiday park facilities with cabins and powered or non-powered sites – contact them on 03 7328 477.

What to do in the town of Reefton New Zealand?

Reefton is an intriguing town. This hidden gem of a town in the South Island holds significant history, plus it just happens to be an adventure playground! For sure, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Reefton. Known as the Town of Light, Reefton was the first town in the Southern Hemisphere to have electricity.

How long are the mountain bike tracks at Reefton?

The Reefton mountain bike tracks range from short and smooth 20 minute bicycle outings to complete day and overnight wilderness mountain biking. There is a full variety, from Grade 2 (beginner) to Grade 5 (expert), to cater for all skill levels.