What are the uses of ethylene oxide?

Ethylene oxide (EtO) is produced in large volumes and is primarily used as an intermediate in the production of several industrial chemicals, the most notable of which is ethylene glycol. It is also used as a fumigant in certain agricultural products and as a sterilant for medical equipment and supplies.

What is ethylene used for in industry?

Ethylene is used in a range of industries and applications including: Medical: Ethylene is used as an anaesthetic. Metal Fabrication: Ethylene is used as oxy-fuel gas in metal cutting, welding and high velocity thermal spraying. Refining: Ethylene is used as refrigerant, especially in LNG liquefaction plants.

What is the main use of ethylene?

Ethylene is used in the production of fabricated plastics, antifreeze; making fibers; to manufacture ethylene oxide, polyethylene for plastics, alcohol, mustard gas, and other organics.

What industries use ethylene oxide?

Industry Insights Ethylene oxide is widely used across various industries for the production of solvents, detergents, adhesives, antifreeze, textiles, and pharmaceuticals. Ethylene oxide is also present in sterility for cosmetics and spices, fumigants, in hospitals for sterility of surgical equipment, etc.

Is ethylene oxide used in hospitals?

Ethylene oxide (EtO) gas sterilizers have been used by hospitals for over 40 years to sterilize surgical equipment and supplies that are heat sensitive or that cannot tolerate excessive moisture.

Is ethylene oxide used in medicine?

Currently, ethylene oxide gas is used to sterilize 50% of all medical supplies that require that high level of disinfection — everything from plastic surgical gowns to syringes, catheters, bandages, gauze, and pacemakers.

What products are made from ethylene oxide?

Antifreeze, brake fluids, and automotive seating are just some of the many transportation products that are made from ethylene oxide. It can be used to make airplane de-icing solutions that are effective in the coldest temperatures.

Which gas is used for ripening of fruits?

Ethylene plays a vital role in the natural ripening of fruits. It is a hormone produced naturally within the fruits to stimulate ripening process.

Do hospitals use ethylene oxide?

What are the uses of ethylene oxide ( ETO )?

Ethylene oxide (EtO) is a gas at room temperature. There are two key uses for ethylene oxide: 1) It is used to make other chemicals that produce many everyday products and 2) It is used to sterilize devices that can’t be sterilized using steam, such as some medical and dental equipment.

What are the parameters for ethylene oxide sterilization?

Ethylene Oxide “Gas” Sterilization. ETO is a colorless gas that is flammable and explosive. The four essential parameters (operational ranges) are: gas concentration (450 to 1200 mg/l); temperature (37 to 63°C); relative humidity (40 to 80%)(water molecules carry ETO to reactive sites); and exposure time (1 to 6 hours).

Is it safe to use ethylene oxide in medical devices?

These standards help ensure levels of ethylene oxide on medical devices are within safe limits since long-term and occupational exposure to ethylene oxide has been linked to cancer. Learn more about the risks of ethylene oxide on the National Institutes of Health web page on ethylene oxide.

Is there more ethylene oxide in the air?

This means that in the 2014 NATA, more areas show elevated risks driven by ethylene oxide than in the 2011 NATA. This does not mean there is more of this compound in the air in these places than before. Even if emissions in an area are the same—or possibly even if they are lower—the new cancer value often results in a higher risk estimate.