How long is the train ride from Shanghai to Wuhan?

4 – 6.5 hours
Shanghai to Wuhan Train. Nearly 40 pairs of trains are operated between Shanghai and Wuhan. Among them, over 30 pairs are bullet trains with duration of 4 – 6.5 hours. The other pairs are normal types, including overnight sleeper trains; their duration is 9.5 – 18.5 hours.

How much is the bullet train from Beijing to Xian?

Running at the top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph), the 1,216 km (756 mi) distance takes only 4.5 – 6 hours. A second class seat tickets costs CNY 515.5 / USD 76….Ticket Fares of Beijing – Xi’an Bullet Trains.

Business Class Seat First Class Seat Second Class Seat
CNY 1,627.5 / USD 250 CNY 824.5 / USD 127 CNY 515.5 / USD 79

Is Xi An near Wuhan?

The distance between Xi’an and Wuhan is 650 km. The road distance is 740.6 km. It takes approximately 5h 47m to get from Xi’an to Wuhan, including transfers.

How far is Wuhan from Shanghai by train?

With over 30 high speed trains in service from Wuhan to Shanghai along the 811-kilometer (504-mile)-long high speed railway between, the duration between the two cities has been reduced from about 10 – 18.5 hours by normal speed train to about 4 – 6.5 hours.

How much is train from Shanghai to Beijing?

Shanghai to Beijing Bullet Train Price

Business Class Seat First Class Seat Second Class Seat
CNY 1,748 – 1,762.5 USD 271 – 273 CNY 933 – 939 USD 145 – 146 CNY 553 – 558 USD 86 – 87

Is there a bullet train from Shanghai to Xian?

There is no CRH but bullet train between Shanghai and Xi’an. The train from Shanghai Station to Xi’an Station is D306 (22:00-08:41) and is an overnight train with 11 hours. The train from Xi’an to Shanghai is D308(20:25-07:48)is an overnight train with 11 hours. Both of them offer second class seat and soft sleeper.

How old is the oldest city in China?

Anyang — A Capital 3,000 Years Ago Anyang is special among China’s ancient capitals since it was the earliest known capital. During the Shang Dynasty (1600–1046 BC), Anyang presided over a large kingdom that was located between the Lower Yellow River and the Yangtze middle reaches (only 10% of modern China).

How far is Wuhan from Guangzhou by train?

968 km
Hence, though the actual rail distance between Wuhan and Guangzhou South is 968 km (601 mi), 1,069 km (664 mi) is charged. The ticket price between the two terminal stations is ¥490 and ¥780 ($75 and $115 in U.S. currency).

How far apart are Wuhan and Beijing?

1054 km
The distance between Beijing and Wuhan is 1054 km.