How do I run a SQL query in Perl?

Executing SQL queries with Perl DBI

  1. First, you connect to the MySQL database using the DBI->connect() method.
  2. Second, you use prepare() method of the database handler object, that accepts an SQL statement as an argument.
  3. Third, you execute the query using the execute() method.

How do I run a SQL script in SQL?

To execute a script from the SQL Scripts page:

  1. On the Workspace home page, click SQL Workshop and then SQL Scripts.
  2. From the View list, select Details and click Go.
  3. Click the Run icon for the script you want to execute.
  4. The Run Script page appears.
  5. Click Run to submit the script for execution.

How do I run a SQL script automatically?


  1. Open Control Panel=>Scheduled Tasks=>Add a Scheduled Task.
  2. Browse to the batch file (Ex. c:\MyScripts\myscript.sql)
  3. Choose how often to run the task.
  4. Choose the time to run the task.
  5. Enter the Windows User account credentials.

How do I connect to a Perl MySQL database?

1. Connect to the MySQL Database

  1. $source – This is in the format of “DBI:mysql:[database]:[hostname]”. Replace the [database] and [hostname] with values from your system.
  2. $username – The username that is used to connect to the MySQL database.
  3. $password – The password for the above username.

What is run SQL command line?

Oracle SQL Developer Command Line (SQLcl) is a free command line interface for Oracle Database. It allows you to interactively or batch execute SQL and PL/SQL.

How do I run a very large .SQL file?

How to execute large SQL scripts

  1. The osql command line utility that comes with SQL Server: osql -H -S -U -P -i
  2. The sqlcmd command line utility that comes with SQL Server:
  3. ApexSQL Run Script:

How do I run a SQL query every 5 minutes?

select count(*) from v$session; This has to be run on the database every 5 minutes.

How do I create a batch script in SQL?

Steps to Create Batch File to Export SQL Query Results to a Text File

  1. Step 1: Prepare the command to export the query results.
  2. Step 2: Create the Batch file.
  3. Step 3: Run the batch file.

Can a Perl script be run from the command line?

Here is the list of all the available command-line options − A Perl script is a text file, which keeps Perl code in it and it can be executed at the command line by invoking the interpreter on your application, as in the following − You can run Perl from a graphical user interface (GUI) environment as well.

How to execute SQL file in Perl Stack Overflow?

There is a sort of workaround for DDL. You need to slurp SQL file first and then enclose it’s contents into BEGIN END; keywords. Like: This subroutine allows to run DDL (SQL) scripts with multiple statements inside (e.g. database dumps). You don’t need perl for this at all.

How to run a SQL script from the command line?

Running Scripts From SQL Command Line. You can use a text editor to create SQL Command Line script files that contain SQL*Plus, SQL, and PL/SQL statements. For consistency, use the .sql extension for the script file name. A SQL script file is executed with a START or @ command. For example, in a Windows environment,…

How to execute SQL with the Oracle Perl DBI?

Example 1. The result of this script is the following: If you see this, parse phase succeeded without a problem. DBD::Oracle::st execute failed: ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement (DBD ERROR: OCIStmtExecute) [for Statement “invalid SQL statement\\ at /tmp/ttt line 13.