What is Wu Lou Amulet?

Product description. This feng shui Wu Lou amulet has Wu Lou shape which is related to good health. In the center of this Wu Lou Amulet is the symbol of Mystic Knot which represents success, rich and undying love. Such auspicious amulet can bring the luck of health, success and love for the whole year.

Whats a Wu Lou?

From the the ancient China, brass wu lou is used to suppress down monster and be taken to ward off evil and illness chi. Therefore it is the symbolization of good health. There is red tassel attached to this brass wu lou to represent good luck. In addition, the picture of longevity god on it also stands for long life.

Where do you put Wu Lou brass?

The primary uses for a brass Wu Lou You should place a Wu Lou each on each side of your bed to improve your health luck and ward off illness energies, hence preventing you from any health problems. It can also be placed beside the bed of someone who is ill to speed up recovery or the elderly.

What is pumpkin Wu Lou?

Pumpkin Wu Lou, Wu Lu. The symbol of health and wealth.

What is a Golden Wu Lou?

Product description. Wu Lou is also called Hu Lu a powerful traditional symbol of longevity, good health, prosperity and an abundance of blessings. The shape of a Wu Lou is believed to be a representation of Heaven and Earth . It will bring you good health and good luck .

What does mystic knot mean?

The Mystic Knot is an auspicious symbol in Feng Shui. The Mystic Knot, appearing as a combination of six infinity symbols, signifies the Buddhist philosophy of endless rounds of birth and rebirth and acts as a cure to attract good fortune.

What does WULU mean in Chinese?

to be unsalaried to be unfortunate death.

What is the double happiness symbol?

The double happiness symbol, “囍” (pronounced shuāngxǐ, 双喜) in Chinese is comprised of 喜喜 – two copies of the Chinese character 喜 (pronounced xǐ), which means joy and happiness. It’s commonly used as a Chinese wedding symbol to represent double the joy and happiness for the newlyweds as they begin their marriage.

Are gourds lucky?

The Chinese word for gourd—hu lu—is a homophone of the words ‘protection’ and ‘good fortune. ‘ That may have been the reason why the ancients considered gourds to be good luck charms, hanging them over doorframes or carrying them to ward off evil.

What can you do with a Wu Lou?

You can use a Wu Lou to heal and minimize the effects of health-related issues. You can place Wu Lou in any areas of your home or office based to the Flying Star chart ( its natal chart or Bagua energy map) of your space. You might be wondering what is a brass wu lou?

What does Wu Lou mean in feng shui?

It is mostly used to eradicate all sorts of bad energies, it also helps as a guardian against all harms. The gold Wu Lou gourd is very effective, but costly. In Wu Lou Feng Shui, the black Wu Lou is a symbol of health, longevity, and vitality.

How did the Wu Lou get its name?

The Wu Lou (Calabash) in its original form is a fruit and when dried was traditionally used to store medicine or water which is is how it got its name “giver of life”.

Where to place a Wu Lou in the sky?

2 star – You can place a Wu Lou where the #2 star is located to weaken the bad earth from this star. In 2021, this is located in the north. 5 star – You can place a Wu Lou where the #5 star is located to weaken the bad earth from this star.