What is the trial number?

Filters. Grammatical number denoting a quantity of exactly three. noun.

What is clinical trial registration?

Clinical trials hold enormous potential for benefiting patients, improving therapeutic regimens and ensuring advancement in medical practice that is evidence based. Registration of trials will ensure transparency, accountability and accessibility of clinical trials.

What is a EudraCT number?

A EudraCT number is a unique identifier of the trial and once. issued, it never expires. It identifies a specific trial.

How do you name a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are often assigned contrived acronyms. Some common themes include acronyms excluding words from the acronym and including letters taken from the middle of words. It is suggested that the use of acronyms in titles is associated with a higher citation rate of research publications.

Is my study a clinical trial?

Your study is considered to meet the NIH definition of a clinical trial even if: Your study uses healthy participants, or does not include a comparison group (e.g., placebo or control) Your study is only designed to assess the pharmacokinetics, safety, and/or maximum tolerated dose of an investigational drug.

Do all clinical trials need to be registered?

The International committee of medical journal editors requires registration of trial methodology, but does not require registration of trial results; however, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Amendments does require researchers to register results.

How do I register for a clinical trial?

How to Register?

  1. One should first login to CTRI website: www.ctri.nic.in[2]
  2. Following which, he/she should register himself in CTRI using “Username” and “Password” and create his/her profile.
  3. New trial is then added using the CTRI registration data set as detailed in Box no.
  4. The above dataset is submitted to CTRI.[2]

What information must be included in Ind?

The IND application must contain information in three broad areas: Animal Pharmacology and Toxicology Studies – Preclinical data to permit an assessment as to whether the product is reasonably safe for initial testing in humans. Also included are any previous experience with the drug in humans (often foreign use).

What does XRS stand for in clinical trials?

In breast‐targeted intraoperative radiotherapy (TARGIT) clinical trials (TARGIT‐B, TARGIT‐E, TARGIT‐US), a single fraction of radiation is delivered to the tumor bed during surgery with 1.5‐ to 5.0‐cm diameter spherical applicators and an INTRA- BEAM x‐ray source (XRS).

Why do I need a who universal trial number?

The aim of the Universal Trial Number (UTN) is to help uniquely identify clinical trials registered in WHO Primary Registries, and displayed on the WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform’s (ICTRP) Search Portal. Please obtain a UTN as soon as the first version of the protocol has been drafted, or earlier if appropriate.

Do you need to register a clinical trial?

Likewise, some research funding agencies are now encouraging or requiring the registration and results reporting of the clinical trials they fund. The World Health Organization Trial Registration Data Set directs that the following 20 elements be included in a clinical trial registry [2]:

Where can I find German clinical trials Register?

Here you will find an up-to-date overview of all studies that have been registered to date on the subject of COVID-19 in the German Clinical Trials Register (DRKS). The DRKS is an open access online register for clinical trials conducted in Germany, which allows all users to search, register and share information on clinical trials.

How does the international clinical trials registry platform work?

The ICTRP combines data from multiple cooperating clinical trials registries to generate a global view of clinical trials worldwide, with a search portal that allows access to the entire dataset. It requires a minimum standard set of database fields, the WHO Trial Registration Data Set, to be present for a trial to be registered.