How do you stop cold air coming down the chimney?

Another great way to block cold air is with a chimney balloon or plug. These devices are placed above the throat damper and inflated to completely block air from coming down into your fireplace. Balloons are designed to be used only when a fire isn’t burning.

How do you fix a chimney Backdraft?

Try opening a window near the fireplace to increase airflow into the home before opening the fireplace door. The area will be exposed to more air, allowing for less to be immediately taken through the chimney. Also, consider using a fan or turning on exhaust fans to troubleshoot this problem.

How do I make sure my chimney is closed?

Visually Check Simply stick your head in the fireplace and look up. If you have a throat damper, the closed damper immediately above your head will block your vision. You should be able to reach up and touch the closed damper. If you have a top-mount damper, check for daylight at the top of the flue.

Why is smoke blowing back down my chimney?

Often times, when smoke is blowing back into your house, it means there is a downdraft and the room is too negatively pressurized. In other words, the easiest way for the makeup air to replace the air being lost or exhausted somewhere else in the house is down the chimney.

How do you stop a backdraft?

Most of the time, this is accomplished by cutting an opening in the roof and refraining from opening any windows or doors on or below the fire floor until conditions have changed. This means that no search and rescue can occur and no water is being put on the fire until the vertical ventilation can be completed.

How does chimney draft work?

In the case of a chimney, this rising warm air is called the draft. A functional chimney will have a strong draft that pulls gases and smoke out of the home through the chimney. A poor chimney draft can put out a flame or leave a room full of cold or contaminated air.

What is a chimney cap in a fireplace?

A chimney cap is a covering for the top of your chimney, and it usually includes wire mesh. It makes a great deal of sense to install a chimney cap, when you look at the benefits.

What is a chimney draft?

A chimney draft is movement of air up through the chimney. This movement of air is affected by the existing air elements in the flue of the chimney and the air pressure within the house. The draft of the chimney is important as emissions from a fire need to go up and out of the house as opposed to staying in the flue or back drafting into the house.