Where is the Oakfield Demon door in Fable 2?

Location: Oakfield, on the outskirts of town, near the cemetery and by the sea. How to Open: Wants to see a marriage proposal. Or you can just blow it a kiss if you are already married.

Where is the Wraithmarsh demon door?

Terry Cotter’s Army: There is a Demon Door found across the stone bridge (near the area where you first visit Wraithmarsh). To get inside, you need 10 followers to watch the Demon Door’s play. Inside, you will find a house. Move through the front door and out through the back to find Terry Cotter’s Army.

How do I make my dog do tricks in Fable 2?


  1. Press Start and go to Logbook > Personality > Dog for a list of tricks. To preform them, press RB, and trigger with your own emotes. (
  2. Hide snout, bunny hop, roll over, play dead, chase tail, growl.
  3. I don’t have a list but all the tricks are preformed when you use diferent expresions.

Where can I find a farmers hat in Fable 2?

The Yokel Hat is a hat in Fable II. It can be purchased from the clothing merchant in Oakfield who is located just outside the front of the Sandgoose Inn to the left.

Where are all the Demon Doors in Fable Anniversary?

Welcome to the Fable Anniversary Demon Doors locations guide that helps you find the total of 15 Demon Doors locations, and will tell you how to open each of these Demon Doors, in the Xbox 360 action-RPG game. * “Open Saysmemiddlefinger” (20 Gamerscore) — Open all the Demon Doors, or show a closed Demon Door what you think of it.

Where do you play the tune in Fable 2?

You need to play a tune on the lute (you can buy it in most general shops) to the door and hold the expression and finally finish it correctly when prompted by the door to enter. In the woods to the far south-west of the lake, past the pond. Perform expressions to match what the door reads in this order throughout the play.

Where do you get Dread Locks in Fable 2?

1. Buy and give the Door some cheese (Bowerstone Marketplace) 2. Do yourself dread locks (Bloodstone) and whiskers (Bowerstone Marketplace). 3. Buy a trumpet skirt (Bloodstone), farmer’s hat (Oakfield) and a corset (Bowerstone Marketplace). Kick a chicken into the Door’s mouth. Your dog has to know 4 different tricks.

Which is harder to unlock in Fable 2?

Wraithmarsh’s Demon Door is arguably the harder doors to unlock in Fable 2. Players will need to recruit ten followers at once and escort them to the door for it to open. Getting ten followers is the easy part.