Who won the Kentucky vs Louisville game today?

Jones scores 20, Louisville holds off rival Kentucky 62-59.

When was the last time Louisville basketball beat Kentucky?

Date Game Score
12/29/2018 (#16) Kentucky at Louisville 71 – 58
12/29/2017 Louisville at (#16) Kentucky 90 – 61
12/21/2016 (#6) Kentucky at (#10) Louisville 70 – 73
12/26/2015 (#16) Louisville at (#12) Kentucky 75 – 73

Who is Kentucky’s rival?

The Kentucky–Louisville rivalry refers to the rivalry between the University of Kentucky Wildcats (Kentucky) and the University of Louisville Cardinals (Louisville)….Kentucky–Louisville rivalry.

Kentucky Wildcats Louisville Cardinals
Sport basketball, football, others

What was the score of the Louisville Kentucky baseball game?


Final R H
Kentucky (19-7) 11 15
7 Louisville 7 11
Louisville, Kentucky

Is UK or UOFL better?

It is harder to admit to University of Louisville than University of Kentucky. University of Kentucky has a higher submitted SAT score (1,195) than University of Louisville (1,180). University of Louisville has more full-time faculties with 1,776 faculties while University of Kentucky has 1,733 full-time faculties.

Is Kentucky in the NIT?

As a result, Kentucky wasn’t able to make it into the final bracket and instead accepted an invitation to the NIT, where they lost in the first round to Robert Morris University. It’s rare for Kentucky to miss the NCAA Tournament.

Is it cheaper to live in Kentucky or Tennessee?

Tennessee, Kentucky ranked among “America’s Cheapest States to Live” per report. NASHVILLE, Tenn. According to CNBC’s “America’s 10 Cheapest States to Live,” Kentucky is ranked 10th thanks to low business costs (ranked 3rd) and a low cost of living (ranked 10th).

Does Kentucky hate Tennessee?

Kentucky ranked No. 7 on the most hated list, followed by Indiana at No. 8. The ranking explains that Kentucky is hated by both Indiana and Tennessee; and Indiana is hated by Illinois.

Does Kentucky have a MLB team?

Kentucky has not been represented by a major league team since the turn of the 20th century when the Louisville Colonels switched to the minor league, but minor league baseball has flourished in the state with at least 32 Kentucky cities hosting minor league teams.

Did Kentucky win their baseball game today?

Kentucky Baseball Finishes the Regular Season with a 7-5 Victory Over No.

Is UofL bigger than UK?

UK is the bigger school, with 30,473 students for the Fall 2017 semester compared to 22,459 U of L students, according to data from the universities. But U of L’s undergraduate student body is more racially diverse, according to state data for the fall of 2017.