Why do I have to pee so much after gallbladder surgery?

tone. There can be some temporary nerve issues after surgery, which decrease your sensation (the feeling that you need to urinate). Temporary swelling after surgery can also affect your urination. If urine remains in the bladder after urinating, it can cause stretching of the bladder.

Can gallbladder removal cause urinary problems?

Conclusions: Urinary retention is a rare complication after elective cholecystectomy. Helping measures are very effective and should be tried before inserting a urethral catheter.

How long does frequent urination last after surgery?

Most people will regain the ability to urinate within 1 to 3 days. It usually resolves once the effects of surgery and other contributors wear off.

Why does my urine smell after surgery?

Leaking gastric juices may cause internal infections and can lead to recurrent UTIs that, in turn, could cause urine to smell like sulfur. Gastrointestinal fistulas occur most commonly after abdominal surgery or in people with chronic digestive problems.

What happens to your bladder after gall bladder surgery?

I think they shove your bladder about or something with their long instruments or something and the Dr always says it’s nothing to do with gall bladder surgery. Either that or the anesthetic numbs your nerves for a couple of weeks…who knows…I am much better now so it does get better.

Can a gallbladder removal cause a chronic UTI?

Your good bacteria could have gotten a bit messed up with the surgery and the first round of antibiotics. Probiotics might be able to stabilize things a bit. I just had gallbladder removal surgery 8 days ago and went to walk in care tonight with a chronic full blown UTI.

Can you have a conplete Wee after gall bladder surgery?

Hi, i had my gallbladder removed via keyhole surgery on 7th of feb 2016 and now a week after surgery ive started to find it hard to have a conplete wee. I get the feeling of needing to go but then when i sit on the toilet i start weeing and then it slows down and stops.

Is it bad to have a liter of urine after surgery?

“I just know we were catheterizing patients, who sometimes had near a liter of urine, which is not good for the bladder,” says Dager, who works in the post anesthesia care unit (PACU) at the East Ann Arbor Surgery Center. “It’s traumatic being catheterized and it extends the stay at PACU .”