What are the terms associated with microscopy?

Glossary of Terms

  • Abbe Condenser. – see condenser.
  • Aperture. – numerical, a measure of the resolving power of the power of an objective respectively.
  • Abberation. – see chromatic and spherical.
  • Achromatic. – term referring to the lens.
  • Analyzer. – see polarizer.
  • Barrel Focus.
  • Bertrand Lens.
  • Brightfield Illumination.

What are the 4 principles of microscopy?

To use the microscope efficiently and with minimal frustration, you should understand the basic principles of microscopy: magnification, resolution, numerical aperture, illumination, and focusing.

What are the 3 rules of microscopy?

Do not touch the glass part of the lenses with your fingers. Use only special lens paper to clean the lenses. Always keep your microscope covered when not in use. Always carry a microscope with both hands.

What is the essence of microscopy?

The essence of a microscope is its ability to magnify a specimen. Total magnification of a microscope is determined by multiplying the magnification capability of the eyepiece lens by that of the objective lens. The upper part of a compound microscope that holds the objective lens.

What is microscopy principle and application?

A general biological microscope mainly consists of an objective lens, ocular lens, lens tube, stage, and reflector. An object placed on the stage is magnified through the objective lens. When the target is focused, a magnified image can be observed through the ocular lens.

What are the principles of light microscopy?

Principles. The light microscope is an instrument for visualizing fine detail of an object. It does this by creating a magnified image through the use of a series of glass lenses, which first focus a beam of light onto or through an object, and convex objective lenses to enlarge the image formed.

What is the rule for touching lenses?

What is the rule for touching lenses? Do not touch lenses with fingers, or leave liquids on objective lenses. After use, return the objective to low power, remove the slide and if necessary wipe clean the stage, then put it all back!

What are the basic microscopy techniques and rules to follow?

Important general rules: Always carry the microscope with 2 hands—place one hand on the microscope arm and the other hand under the microscope base. Do not touch the objective lenses (i.e. the tips of the objectives). Keep the objectives in the scan position and keep the stage low when adding or removing slides.

What does microscopy mean in medical dictionary?

Microscopy: The examination of minute objects by means of a microscope, an instrument which provides an enlarged image of an object not visible with the naked eye. Aside from the usual microscopy, there are various special types of microscopy including, for example:

What is microscope technique?

Microscopy Imaging Techniques. Microscopy imaging techniques are employed by scientists and researcher to improve their ability to view the microscopic world. Advances in microscopy enable visualization of a broad range of biological processes and features in cell structure.

What is the plural of microscope?

microscope (plural microscopes) An optical instrument used for observing small objects. Any instrument for imaging very small objects (such as an electron microscope).

What does microscopic angioscopy mean?

Microscopic Angioscopy The noninvasive microscopic examination of the microcirculation, commonly done in the nailbed or conjunctiva. In addition to the capillaries themselves, observations can be made of passing blood cells or intravenously injected substances.